Azodin Kaos Paintball gun review

The Azodin Kaos has an ergonomic design that feels natural

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The Azodin Kaos Semi-Auto Paintball Marker Gun has been manufactured and designed to the highest possible standards. As one of the newest companies within the paintball industry, they are rapidly becoming popular with purchasers thanks to their low end yet high quality guns which work perfectly while coming in at a reasonable price. Using cutting edge technology and combining them with high-end standard features, this paintball gun is sure to give you a competitive edge over your opponents on the field. An ideal gun for beginners, it is lightweight and compact enough to ensure ease of movement while still being able to fire over quite a respectable distance. It also allows easy cleaning and maintenance thanks to its easily removable Delrin bolt which is made from strong yet light plastic composite. It also features a double trigger, allowing the user to quickly fire a round and a 12″ upgradeable autococker threaded stock barrel for accuracy and distance. Fast and reliable, this paintball gun is an affordable choice for those who are new to the sport.

Azodin Kaos Review
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Apart from its low price, one of the best aspects of this paintball gun is its light weight and comfort of hold. Easy to use for extended periods, the Azodin Kaos has an ergonomic design that feels natural to players of all sizes whether they are running, crawling, lying or jumping. Its trigger has perfect sensitivity and overall the gun is very easy to use, ideal for beginners to the game.
The Disadvantages
While there are few complaints reported about this paintball gun, some users have stated that its locking feedneck is not the best as it sometimes cannot form a tight connection with all kinds of hopper. The loudness of its firing is also an issue that bothers some players.




This manufacturer takes pride in developing innovative and cutting edge products that are extremely robust and hard wearing as well as being extremely reliable. Its quality build materials ensure a long lifespan as well as easy maintenance to cut down on wear and tear over time. Especially for its low price, it is a well designed model that will function well as long as it is cared for properly, and is ideal as a reliable choice for beginners to the game. The Azodin Kaos paintball gun is very simple to disassemble and to clean. In order to take it apart, the user simply unscrews the velocity adjuster and pulls out the spring. After that, they remove the two bolts to the top and bottom of its body and add extra grease for lubrication. Maintenance takes a maximum of two minutes and the helpful user manual will help guide beginners through the cleaning process.


This mechanical paintball gun is a blowback, stacked tube design with the bolt on top of the hammer. It has an air-through foregrip, an autococker threaded barrel and a locking feedneck as well as a lightweight metal body with an easy to use quick release Delrin bolt. This gun also benefits from dual ball detents which ensure that no paintballs will rolls down the barrel, regardless of their size, and this is an unusual feature among guns in this price bracket. This gun will operate equally effectively with both compressed air and CO2 and has the feel of operation more like a much more expensive model. Comfortable to hold, it also has a consistent smooth pull with a lot less recoil than some of its competitors. Thanks to its gravity fed hopper, it is possible to achieve around 9 balls per second. When compared with some of its rival mechanical guns, this weapon has pretty good accuracy especially up to around 50 to 60 feet. The barrel is above average with no need for any upgrades. The Kaos is also easy on paint, with no barrel breaks unless the paint is extremely brittle. A standard paintball can be fired without any difficulties or breakages.


The Azodin Kaos has an extremely light body made entirely from metal and thanks to the Delrin bolt, its weight has been decreased together with its drag. It has a small profile and is extremely lightweight, weighing only around 2.1 lbs which is around a third less than its rival blowback markers on the market today. Without burdensome internal parts, this marker has minimal recoil resulting in more comfort for the user and with rubber grip frame panels, it is very comfortable and easy to hold, ensuring easy handling, even throughout the course of the fastest paced game.


If there is a downside to the Azodin Kaos, it is probably in its sound levels. Many users complain that because it has a lighter than average striker, it produces too much noise whenever it fires. On the other hand, some users like its unique sound and prefer the extra noise on firing. Overall, this aspect is down to the individual’s personal preference, although it is certainly only of the noisier paintball guns on the market.


The Azodin Kaos is protected by a limited one year manufacturer’s warranty, which gives the customer peace of mind in the face of any defects in either the workmanship or the manufacturing of the gun. Any purchaser who wishes to make a claim under this warranty must provide proof of purchase within the previous 12 months of the date of the claim otherwise the claim will date from the time of manufacturing rather than purchase. The warranty however does not cover everything, and nicks, neglect, misuse, improper assembly or storage, wear and tear or accidental damage is not included as is fairly standard throughout the industry. If there are any modifications to the gun, the non-transferable warranty will be considered to be void. The downside to this warranty is that although repairs and replacements of any defective parts are covered within the first year, it is the purchaser’s responsibility to bear the cost of return shipping to the manufacturer, and there may be extra charges applied for parts depending on the circumstances of the return.