The Best Airsoft Sniper Rifles (Guide) in 2017

Best Airsoft Sniper Rifle 2017

You’re prone in a Ghillie suit, perfectly camouflaged and waiting for the next opponent to walk into your shooting lane, your gun is already cocked and you see him step out two hundred and fifty feet in front of you.

Shifting slightly, you line up the scope and take the shot, killing your opponent.

Well, actually he just throws his arms up, cries “Hit!”, mumbles some obscenities, and walks off the field to regen.

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The barrel is exceptionally tight on the BB, allowing for a great amount of accuracy.

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A lot of people crave the feeling of being a sniper, and when airsofting you can get it done. You’ll need a specialized gun, though, otherwise, you’ll just be another designated marksman, so let’s go over what makes an airsoft gun great for sniping and take a closer look at some of the best options on the market.

BBTac BT-96 Bolt Action
500Spring Bolt Action
UTG AccuShot Competition
450Spring Bolt Action4.9
430Blowback AEG
BBTac Airsoft AWP500Spring Bolt Action4.8
BBTac Bolt Action BT-MB06D470Spring Bolt Action4.6
Soft Air Famas Foreign Legion350AEG Rifle4.5
UTG Sport Gen 5450Spring Bolt Action4.5
MetalTac MB06 SR-2450Spring Bolt Action4.3
ASG Tac-6 Semi-Auto450Gas Non-Blowback4.1
GameFace GF529400Spring Bolt Action3.5

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What is an Airsoft Sniper Rifle?

An airsoft sniper rifle is a long distance, single-shot gun with a long enough internal barrel to get accuracy over long distances. A bit over a hundred yards in a lot of cases, which is almost absurdly long in airsoft distances.

In general, they’ll be large rifles with some sort of scope that’ll let you make accurate shots over a long distance.

While smaller rifles will sometimes be scoped, in an airsoft situation that would more accurately make you a designated marksman since you’ll be engaging either immediately with your squad or a small distance away. A sniper generally operates alone and apart from the main group in order to inflict hits on enemies not actively involved in the skirmish.

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What Are The Different Types of Airsoft Sniper Rifle?

Like regular airsoft guns, there are three main varieties of airsoft sniper rifles to pick from. Unlike guns intended for use at closer ranges, you’ll find in this case that quite often the most used guns are spring-action, as opposed to gas blowback or automatic electric guns(AEG).

Best Airsoft Sniper Rifle 2016

Spring Sniper Rifles

Spring rifles are favored by a lot of snipers, they’re quieter and cheaper than gas blowbacks and quite often have comparable or even superior FPS ratings. Since you’re likely to only be taking single shots anyways, there’s a lot to be recommended for cheaper and more powerful.

The actions on these guns are often hard to work for those unacquainted with them, however, as the spring will need to be manually compressed. While veteran air rifle marksman won’t see why people complain, those who’ve never used a powerful spring gun before will be surprised at just how much force is required to cock them.

Gas Blowback

Gas blowback guns will often make for a good intermediate in usage between the spring guns and AEG style rifles. They provide a surprising amount of power but also require more maintenance than a spring or AEG gun including lubrication.

The action on these is primarily favored by those interested in realism and both single shot and semi-automatic versions exist. They also tend to be quite a bit louder than either of the other types of gun, which is fun but will make competition use a lot dicier if you’re more concerned with the sport than the simulation.

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AEG Rifles

AEGs are favored by those who are operating at closer distances during the match for the most part. They lack some of the power and accuracy of the other two types but make up for it with an increased rate of fire. Some of them will even be capable of fully automatic fire, meaning you can saturate an area with fire from a good distance away.

They’re primarily useful for smaller fields since you might not be able to utilize a longer ranged gun to its fullest extent while you’re in tighter quarters. The lower FPS also works out in your favor here in a lot of cases, since most fields aren’t going to allow you to use extremely powerful airsoft guns in close quarters.

What Are The Advantages of an Airsoft Sniper Rifle?

The main thing that you’ll be glad for when you’re using an airsoft sniper rifle is the superior distance you’ll be able to fire at. Really, any decent AEG or gas blowback gun can be used with optics, but sniper rifles should be in a class of their own in order to truly qualify.

If the gun isn’t really effective at a hundred yards or so, then you’re not so much looking at a sniper rifle as at a normal one, even if it’s dressed up and has a scope. A proper sniper rifle can add a whole new element to your play, provided that you have a good area to use one in.

These areas will generally have a lot of wide, open spaces, making places where the skirmishes are meant to be up close and personal rather dicey to engage in with one. You need some distance in order to avoid getting hit yourself, and that means a little bit of extra range and your tactics will change your chances of getting hits and avoiding them severely.


Features to Compare

You’ll need to take a lot into consideration before picking a rifle, and most of it will depend on personal preference and the area you’ll be playing in.


Gas blowback and spring-action guns are great when you have the room to use them, and especially when there’s some amount of open space instead of the entire area being littered with cover. If you’re forced into shorter distances and still want to play sniper, an AEG is probably going to be the way to go.

Keep in mind that “realistic” doesn’t necessarily make for the best gun if you’re seriously playing the sport. Gas blowbacks are realistic, but quite loud and will give off puffs of smoke that can give away your position. Likewise, springs can be surprisingly loud without some kind of suppressor, while AEG usually run very quietly.

The main decider here will be the terrain you intend to play in. A very long, gas blowback rifle with a ridiculous FPS is great if you’re playing in the woods but it won’t be very useful in an urban combat scenario.

In most games it’s better to think of your role as a police sniper, as opposed to a military one, you’ll be taking single, accurate shots from concealment but not necessarily from super-enormous distances. A shot of over two hundred feet or so is rather impressive with an airsoft gun and a really good rifle might let you take a headshot at a hundred yards or so.

See my review of it down below (It’s and Awesome Gun!)


Sniper rifles need to be at least 400FPS at the muzzle to really be effectively used in this role. Anything much lower and you simply won’t get the distance needed to work as a sniper. Ideally, you want something higher than that at the muzzle velocity, and keep in mind that as a sniper you’ll often be using heavier pellets like .40g to maintain accuracy over long distances.

Alternatively, if the conditions aren’t windy, using lower grain pellets will allow you to shoot a bit farther due to the light projectile but a gust of wind will send them way off track.


You’ll need some form of optics to perform your job efficiently. Airsoft guns, even the best and most expensive, simply aren’t accurate enough for you to be taking one hundred yard shots at a human sized target without a scope.Airsoft Player with his ghillie suit

Ideally, they’ll be removable so you can add another scope if you don’t like the one it comes with.

Remember to dial it in before you get on the field for the best results, you’re likely to only be taking a few shots in a match and won’t have time to get it all together in the field without giving your position away with a ton of practice shots.

It’s a good idea to sight it in at about three-quarters of the effective distance of the gun and always aim for center of mass when firing. Shooting someone in the mask is great and all, but it’s better to make sure you get the hit than risk giving away your position trying for a headshot.

If you do choose to use aftermarket accessories and have the proper rail, almost any scope made for shooting at 150-200 yards will be perfect. Super high power scopes aren’t really necessary since you won’t be shooting at that kind of distance even with custom airsoft guns.


There are some accessories which will help you with your rifle, in addition to the normal accessories you’ll want to use as a sniper.

Among the most important of these is a sling, this will let you get at your sidearm without dropping the rifle in the event that you’re surprised and makes dodging between pieces of cover while you’re seeking out a new position much less of a hassle.

Bipods are also almost essential since they’ll allow you the stability of shooting prone while you’re crouched as long as you have something to rest its feet on. Most of the qualities of a bipod are up to the user’s personal taste as long as it fits well and stays on the end of the rifle.

Top Three Best Airsoft Sniper Rifles 2016

Let’s get right down to it and discuss the three from the above table that we consider the best.

BBTac BT-96 Bolt Action

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The BBTac BT-96 is a spring action gun with a realistic bolt that can keep you in the action as long as you keep up with the spring. It comes with the necessary accessories to make you a decent sniper right out of the box and spares you the expense of a bipod and scope.

The FPS rating for this gun is roughly 400 with .20 projectiles, so it is a bit on the low side but it makes a great buy for someone who isn’t totally sure that they want to fulfill the sniper role for an extended period.

The effective range of the rifle itself will be a little bit over two hundred feet and the spring nature of the gun means that it’s unlikely to give away your position when you fire from concealment.

The magazines can be a bit finicky, so you’ll want to make sure that you’re fully aware of how they work before you hit the field. They can be dealt with pretty easily with some practice, however, and you’re likely to get enough practice while you’re sighting in the scope.

The top rail on the gun is fantastic as well. If you decide that you need a better scope you can easily switch it out with any of hundreds of compatible options in order to eke out the last little bit of accuracy you want from the rifle.

Overall, the BBTac BT-96 makes for a fantastic entry level sniper rifle. It isn’t the most powerful rifle on the market, but the extra-tight barrel makes it exceptionally accurate and allows it to be a powerful force on the field in the right hands.

UTG AccuShot Competition Shadow Ops

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The AccuShot is a great rifle for those who are looking to take on the role of sniper. Even better, it comes with a solid bipod and a couple of extra magazines which can be a lifesaver when you’re in the heat of the action.

The only thing to worry about is the fact that you’ll have to find your own scope for it, but a lot of snipers will end up prefer aftermarket optics anyways. The picaninny rail means that you can use almost any scope you might care to, including those meant for actual rifles if you want to drop the extra money.

With a speed of about 450FPS, you’re sure to be able to get some massive distance with this rifle. The effective range is over two hundred feet, so you’re not going to have to worry about coming up short in most fields.

The rifle that it’s based on was meant for cold weather warfare, so it has a couple of features which give it a distinctive look, including an oversized bolt which was meant to be used by heavily gloved hands with ease. This means that your protective gear shouldn’t interfere with the action even if you choose to use particularly heavy gloves.

The magazines are great, easy to load, and have a spring assist when it comes time to switch them. This means you’ll be back in the action quickly when the first magazine runs dry, and since you have three you might even be able to make a whole match without having to manually reload them.

Overall this rifle is a great value, the only drawback being that you’re going to have to find your own scope in order to use it in the field.


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This HK SL9 is a great option if you’re planning on engaging at shorter distances. With a velocity of 430-440fps, you’re looking at some serious power, and it’s capable of fully automatic fire which will let you saturate an area with fire while maintaining a safe distance.

The gun doesn’t come with anything, though, no battery, scope, or bipod. To some this might be a drawback, but more experienced players will definitely see the opportunity to fit everything they love on a sniper rifle. If you’re already a player you might even be able to transfer some things from your already owned arms.

The inner barrel runs the full length of the outer barrel, which ensures that you’ll be accurate as well as having a lot of power behind each shot. On full automatic, from the right position, this will make you an absolute terror on the field. Keep in mind the fact that it’s a blowback gun might take some of the fun out when you realize you’ll also be generating a decent amount of noise.

Take this one out if you’re often playing in shorter fields and you might have found exactly what you’re looking for. The gun itself is light as well, which allows you to make bursts of fire and change positions in between to add an extra element of surprise.

As a dedicated sniper rifle in particularly large areas it might fall short, but it makes a great option for those close-in skirmishes where your maximum range will be about a hundred and fifty feet.


Playing as a sniper can be a lot of fun, and you can become an effective asset to your team by playing wisely and using the proper tools. We hope we’ve guided you to finding the rifle that you’ve been looking for, good luck and happy hunting!