You are ready to hit the paintball field so you have gone out and purchased the perfect paintball marker. You’re very eager to get started but you are still missing a vital part of the sport. One of the most important paintball accessories has to be a paintball tank. Without a good tank, you’re playing time will really be limited. This means you will need to get yourself a paintball tank that fits your needs. If you are new to the sport of paintball, choosing a tank can be a hard decision. That is why we have put together a comprehensive buyer’s guide that will help you choose the perfect tank for your needs.

The Best Paintball Tanks

Ninja SL 50/4500 Black Red paintball tank

Ninja-SL-50-4500-Black-Red-TextThis is one amazing tank! It does a wonderful job of regulating your air and is one of the most durable on the market today. Ninja brand paintball tanks are very popular and for a good reason. They are built to last and are some of the lightest around. Made from carbon fiber, this tank will take a lot of abuse without showing signs of wear. If you are looking to get into serious paintball play, then this tank will help you do so. The Ninja SL 50/4500 comes in many different colors so you will always be able to find one that matches your gun. But this paintball tank comes to you in black and red which is very appealing to the eye. This is a compressed air tank that was designed with competition in mind. Lightweight, this tank only comes in at 3.5 pounds making it easy to carry. You will never have to worry about this tank freezing up like you would a CO2 unit, which will give you a huge tactical advantage over your opponents on the playing field.

Ninja SL 68/4500 Black Blue paintball tank

Ninja-SL-68-4500-Black-Blue-TextAnother amazing tank by Ninja, the SL 68/4500 is made from carbon fiber and comes in a very attractive black and blue color. This is a larger tank than the 50/4500 which will give you more gas for your money. Also very lightweight, this tank comes in at 1.9 pounds. Having such a lightweight tank means that you will be able carry it with you on the battlefield without slowing you down one bit. Made in the USA, Ninja stands behind all of its products and they only use the highest quality carbon fiber. Also a high pressure compressed air tank, this Ninja SL 68/4500 is a remarkable model that anyone would be lucky to own. Many people that own this tank really like the fact that it never freezes unlike those older CO2 models. If you are looking for an easy to carry tank that can be easily stored while not in use, then this is the one for you.

Ninja SL 77/4500 Black Green paintball tank

Ninja-SL-77-4500-Black-Green-TextNow for the largest tank in our review. It holds more compressed air than the rest, but the best part is it only weighs 2.4 pounds. Just like anything that Ninja builds, this tank is super durable and made from carbon fiber which is strong but still very easy to carry around. Also a compressed air tank, the 77/4500 will hold enough air for long competitions and you will never have to worry about freezing up which can cause damage to your paintball gun. This tank comes in a beautiful black and green color pattern that will match most guns perfectly. The tank has a default pressure of 800 PSI which will allow you to use it with any paintball gun right out of the box. This is great for those who are looking to simplify the setup process. Just like all of Ninja’s products, this high quality tank is made in the United States. So if you are looking to upgrade to a better tank in the near future, this one would make a great choice!

Two Must Have Tank Accessories

Now that we have taken a look at three very nice paintball tanks, let us check out some accessories that will work well with them. Both of these accessories would also make great gifts for someone that really loves the game of paintball. Let’s take a look at them, shall we?

Exalt Paintball Tank Case

Best-Paintball-Tank-CaseIf you are lugging your paintball tank around from place to place, wouldn’t it be nice to have something to carry it in? A great way to store and protect your tank while on the go is by placing it inside the Exalt paintball tank case. This durable enclosure will keep your tank in perfect shape. Priced just right, you can afford to even buy a few of them. Made from water resistant carbon fiber, you won’t have to worry about your tank or regulator getting wet. This case is compatible with 45, 48, 50, 56, 68, 70, 72 and 77ci cylinders. This is great for those who have more than one tank and want to protect them all. These durable cases will not only protect your tank but the very important regulator as well.

Exalt Carbon Tank Cover

Exalt-Carbon-Tank-CoverThis paintball tank cover is the perfect accessory for anyone looking to protect their tank. Designed with style in mind, these tank covers come in a wide variety of colors so you will be able to find one that you like. Made from non-stain material, you won’t have to worry about spilling anything on this cover which will keep it looking brand new for many years to come. This easy to grip cover helps you take control of your tank during heavy gameplay. This very useful cover has been purchased by hundreds of players over the years and many of them have great things to say about it! Weighing in at only a few ounces, you won’t even feel the extra weight. If you are looking to add value of your paintball equipment, this is the perfect purchase to make. Also, this model will fit on almost any tank because it is made to be one size fits all.

Buyers Guide

Two Different Types of Paintball Tanks

For those of you who are new to the sport, you might not know that there are two main types of paintball tanks. First, you have the CO2 paintball tank. This type of tank was widely used when the sport of paint ball was still in its infancy and is still the most widely used type of tank in the game. The second type of tank that some paintball players use is compressed air. This type of tank is also referred to as high pressure air. High pressure air tanks are far less common and are normally used only by those who play competition styled paintball. Below you will find more information on each of these tanks.

CO2 Paintball Tanks

As stated above, CO2 is the most common style of paintball tank. Getting these tanks refilled is easy and you will find CO2 just about anywhere you go. This is probably one reason why so many people choose to go with CO2. Another reason is cost. CO2 tanks cost less than compressed air tanks. One of the disadvantages of CO2 tanks is the fact that they can freeze up. During rapid fire, CO2 will start to become very cold. This can cause regulators to freeze up thus stopping your gun from firing properly.

Compressed Air Paintball Tanks

While these tanks are rare, they are starting to grow in popularity. Many larger paintball stores are now starting to carry them and some paintball fields are starting to offer compressed air refill free of charge. If you play a lot of paintball this can really save you tons of money over time. Also, another added advantage of using compressed air is that it never freezes up. This will give you a huge advantage over other players who are using standard CO2 tanks. But one drawback is that you will need a special regulator to effectively use compressed air which can add to the amount of money you will need to shell out.

Four Common Tank Sizes

Tank size is very important to anyone serious about the sport of paintball. There are four common tank sizes that most paintball players are familiar with. But the most popular tank in this category is hands down the 68-4500. This is a medium sized tank that is lightweight enough for easy carry but still gives you enough gas to get the job done. But what does that number stand for? The number 68 represents the total cubic inches of space inside the tank. When full, the tank will hold 68 cubic inches of gas. The number 4500 represents the total pound per square inch the tank can produce. Below is a list of other tank sizes that you might run into. But remember the 68-4500 tank is often the golden standard and most people benefit the most from using it.

  • 50-4500
  • 68-4500
  • 77-4500
  • 90-4500

Three Different Tank Materials

Just like any products, a paintball tank is only as good as the material it is made out of. Before we dive deeper into the different types of tanks, we feel the need to point out the fact that steel tanks get our lowest rating. Steel tanks are heavy, they freeze up often and they will rust over time if placed in a wet environment. We feel that steel tanks should be avoided at all costs. With that out of the way, let’s take a look at three different tank materials and how they may be right for you.


As we stated above, steel tanks are heavy to carry and most people avoid them at all costs. While steel is very durable and will hold up well during normal wear and tear, it will rust over time. Steel tanks are normally cheaper than other materials but you get what you pay for. Not many players today carry steel tanks and you are seeing less and less of them in paintball stores.


Lighter weight aluminum tanks are much easier to carry and they are very common in the world of paintball. Aluminum is less durable than steel and if abused they can easily dent. But if treated with a little care, aluminum tanks will last you for many years. Aluminum tanks cost more than steel but they are well worth the extra money. Many people favor aluminum tanks because they cost less than carbon fiber tanks but are a set above the old steel tanks.

Carbon Fiber

One of the best types of tank materials out there is carbon fiber tanks. They are super strong but very light weight. If you are looking for a professional paintball tank that can take a licking and keep on ticking, then this is the one for you. Many people who play professional paintball swear by these amazing tanks. Carbon fiber is the latest and greatest material that is being used in the world of paintball today and for good reason. While it does cost more than aluminum and steel, it holds up much better and it is great for those who favor compressed air.

Qualities to Look for in a Paintball Tank

Below is a list of qualities that all paintball tanks should possess. If you are looking to add a new tank to your collection, you will want to pay close attention to these qualities. This will ensure that you will be buying a tank that you will love to use.


When choosing a paintball tank, pick one that will hold up to the pressures in the field. Tanks will have to withstand a lot of wear and tear as you drag them along with you. So make sure to choose one that is very durable. Most people who play the sport of paintball do so in different locations. Some of these locations can be adverse and contain water, sand and other natural elements which can cause wear and tear. Having a tank that can stand up to these forces is very important.


Make sure to choose a tank that is lightweight enough for you to carry around the battlefield. Many people make the mistake of picking a tank that is simply too heavy. At the end of the day, you will be glad that you purchased a lightweight tank that was easy to handle. If you like taking part in long drawn out competitions, then you will surely be thankful you bought yourself a lightweight paintball tank.


When choosing a tank, make sure that you pick one with enough storage space. But remember, the larger the tank the more it will weigh. As stated previously, the perfect sized tank for most people is the 68-4500 model. It gives you plenty of room for your gas but won’t weigh you down. Some of you that don’t mind the extra weight might want a larger tank and this is ok as well.


This is a huge factor when buying a new paintball tank. Depending on your needs and you’re playing style, it will determine how much you will spend. If you play only some of the time, then a cheaper tank will be ok for you. But if you are a serious player that plays in every competition you can find, then you just might want to spend the extra money for a better tank.

CO2 or compressed air

This is a personal choice that you will have to make if you are picking out a new tank. Both of these tank types have their pros and cons. Also, you have to keep in mind that compressed air cannot be found in some areas. But if you are a competition player then compressed air is probably going to be your better bet.


Now that we have learned about the different types of paintball tanks and the materials they are made from, you can better decide which one is right for you. Remember that steel is the least favored type of tank material. It is also heavy and can freeze up often. Spending a little extra on an aluminum tank will allow you to carry it with ease and you won’t have to worry about it rusting up if you get it near water. If you are a die-hard paintball player that spends every weekend on the playing field, then you might want to consider buying a compressed air tank. But if you just play every once in a while, then CO2 is probably your best bet. We have put together a list of three very good paintball tanks that we feel are the best on the market today. Each of these tanks have been reviewed so that you can learn more about them. If you are looking for a new paintball tank you should really check out these tanks. They are all at a different price ranges so one of them should fit in your budget. Please take the time to check out these amazing paintball tanks. We have also decided to review two different tank accessories that we feel would be the perfect companion to any tank that you may purchase.

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