Cool Paintball Masks

Whether you are a beginner to paintballing or are very experienced on the field, you will need to choose the right paintballing gear to maximize your chance of winning and to guarantee your personal safety. Although paintball may not seem to be a very safe sport, in fact you can stay injury-free as long as you pay attention to all of the safety regulation and wear high quality protective clothing. Wearing protective garments are essential on every paintball field, but this is one area in which players prefer to customize their outfits, tailoring their appearance to their own preferences with a range of tactical gear and accessories.

Paintball masks are not only a vital piece of equipment when participating in this sport, but they are also the ideal way to customize your appearance. There are plenty of fantastic options for cool paintball masks to suit every taste available for purchase online at prices to fit every budget. Whether you need a lightweight mask or tactical style mask, you are sure to find the perfect product that has optimal comfort, good construction quality, robustness and an affordable price if you take the time to shop around.

Here are some of the best cool paintball masks found on the market today.

Empire E-Flex Limited Edition

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The Skull paintball mask from Empire combines the top features of the E-VentTM and their JT ProFlexTM paintball goggles in their high quality e-FlexTM goggle system. Its quick change lens system together with ear pieces made from thermo-foam are paired with a flexible skirt made with a touch of Spectra foam to ensure a comfortable fit. It is possible to remove the VentsTM lens in just seconds and two sets of lens are provided, both Ninja and Clear. Its dual-pane design also ensures an optimal and clear viewing angle and clarity of vision. With excellent voice projection on the field and impressive breathability, this skull paintball mask has been designed with a smaller and more sleek profile. As it is lightweight, it is easy to wear while offering impressive protection to the wearer. Add all this to the cool skull print and you have one of the best paintball masks around.

Predator Paintball Mask

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Made by Coxeer, this cool paintball mask is not only perfect for use on the paintball field, but it can be used for Halloween parties and cosplay events too. With its fun Predator design, this mask is made from high quality explosion proof engineering plastic so it keeps the wearer safe throughout their game. It is extremely robust, durable and hard-wearing while still being comfortable to wear. Featuring metal mesh, it ensures top level protection while it features strings which can be adjusted to match the face size of the wearer and to improve mask stability during competitions. This paintball mask also features infrared lights and three color lights and these can be adjusted to flash mood, making it the perfect choice for use at masquerade parties.

Dye Precision I4

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How To Choose The Right Paintball Mask

If you are ready to choose a paintball mask, there are several factors that you will want to bear in mind. Here are some of the most important aspects to bear in mind when making a final decision:


There are several ways of describing the profile of a mask e.g. short, wide, thin etc, however “small – large” is probably the best way of describing a general profile. The profile is the entire area occupied by the mask from different angles in your vision. For example, a small front profile is essential when playing aggressive forms of the sport, like speedball, when only your gun and mask should be seen from outside the bunker. On the other hand, if you are playing in a more open environment such as in the woods, the size of the profile is not so important and in these circumstances, comfort may be more important to you.

Lens and Frames

The lens are extremely important as they will protect your eyes from damage. Not only do the lens stop paint but they will also keep smoke and dirt out of the eyes. There are a number of lenses types including thermal and single pane. They may have a mirror or smoke tint and may be UV resistant. While some masks feature integrated frames, others have removable or swappable ones.


The bottom of the mask wraps around the side and covers the chin and part of the neck. This area of the mask also includes protection for the cheeks and nose. The bottoms is where practically all of the ventilation is and will have either slots or mesh to avoid direct contact with paint.

Ear Pieces

These may either be hard or soft, short or tall and they are there to prevent a paintball from hitting your ear. They should be open adequately to enable the wearer to hear shots and calls while still being safe enough to protect the ears.


The main function of the strap is to hold the mask securely on the head but this area of the mask is often personalized and rare straps do not cost that much.


When choosing the right mask, you will need to consider how much you want to pay and look within that price bracket.

Paintball Style

Not every mask is suitable for every play type, so you need to decide which type of paintball you want to play. If you intend to play day long games for example, you will need better comfort and ventilation while profile size is not an issue. On the other hand, if you are planning on playing speedball, a small profile size could be key to winning or losing the game.


Comfort is very important, so make sure that it feels right and does not itch or compress your face. Comfort is often the most important factor when choosing a paintball mask, as if you find your mask irritating, you cannot concentrate on the game. Check that there is no fog, good vision and excellent acoustics before making a purchase.