The Dye DAM Assault Paintball Gun: Battlefield Ready and Built to Dominate

Dye Dam Assault Marker

If you want to dominate on the playing field, this is the gun for you!

Dye has spent many years and a whole lot of capital building the DAM Assault paintball gun. From the ground up Dye has put their blood, sweat and tears into this model and it has paid off. One of the most advanced paintball guns on the market, it commands the attention of anyone who sees it. While it is priced in the higher range those who are serious about paintball will gladly pay the extra money. If you want to dominate on the playing field, this is the gun for you! Some of the features this gun comes with includes an in-line regulator that helps control the amount of operating pressure making the gun more accurate. One of the features that many people simply love about this gun is the fact that you can switch from a magazine fed system to a loader fed system, making it easy to reload.

How The Dye DAM Assault Paintball Gun Stands Up

Today we are going to compare five key features of this gun model and see how that stand up to our review scale. Let’s get started!

Dye Dam Assault Marker
  • Reliability
  • Efficiency
  • Weight
  • Sound
  • Warranty

Final Overview

The world of paintball is growing with each passing year. What started out as a simple sport with a few gun models has exploded into a huge industry where millions of dollars are exchanged. Hundreds of gun models are on the market today and this can make choosing a new gun very hard. If you are looking for a new paintball gun, you know all too well just how difficult it is to make up your mind on which one to buy. This is why we have decided to help you out and we have chosen one of the best paintball guns in the world. If you are a player that likes to beef up your gun with tactical accessories, then you are in luck. The Dye DAM Assault is one of the best new guns available and for good reason. We can’t say enough good stuff about this gun and you will soon see why.

The Dye DAM Assault is one of the most solid built paintball guns on the market. Built from only the best parts and materials you will never have to worry about it failing on the battlefield. Efficiency is part of the design of this model and its low operating pressure will save you air. This paintball rifle is also highly accurate allowing you to hit you targets with ease.

Then gun also has a wide selection of accessories to choose from. One accessory that many people love is the Dye Paintball DAM 20 round magazine. These magazines come in a two pack and will allow you to quickly reload your gun in a spilt-second. This allows you to keep firing while others are trying to reload their hoppers.

The gun weighs in at just under 5 pounds but it makes up for the weight with plenty of firepower. This gun is rather quite for its large size and will help keep your position safe from the enemy. This combination of firepower and quietness will allow you to dominate on the battlefield.

Finally, this paintball gun is backed by a full one-year warranty and if you run into any bugs, simply send it back for repair. This paintball gun is truly unique and anyone would be very lucky to own one. This gun will help improve your game play and the other team will learn just how powerful it is. If you are a serious paintball player, then this is the ultimate gun for you!




One of the most sought after features of this gun model is its durability. Made from only the finest materials, the Dye DAM Assault was designed to last. This gun can take a beating without it affecting its performance. Battlefield ready, you can’t go wrong with this model.

Dye Box Rotors for DAM

Dye Box Rotors for DAM


While this gun is very large it does a great job of regulating the amount of operating pressure which helps keep it efficient. This also makes the paintball gun more accurate allowing you to pick off you targets with ease. Its tactical rail system also helps you to be more efficient by combining your gear. There will be no more need to lug around a flashlight for night time game play.


This gun does weigh quite a bit at 4.76 pounds. But it makes up for being heavy by giving you a huge tactical advantage over the enemy. Just one look at this gun and your opponents will run! The firepower you will have will simply dominate all others.


This gun with its low operating pressure will be rather quiet on the battlefield. While this is not a sniper paintball gun it can pick off targets at long ranges very quietly. This will give you a large advantage over the other team and your position will be safe and sound. Just imagine how much your game play will improve once you employ this wonderful gun.


The makers of this paintball gun knows they have something very special here. This is why they have given a full one-year warranty to the people who purchase the Dye DAM Assault. If you ever have any issues with this gun during the 12-month period, you can send it back for repair at little to no cost to you. This means that your investment will be 100% protected! Not many gun makers give out 12-month warranty without having a solid gun model to back it up.

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