The Dye Precision I4 Thermal Paintball Mask: A Step Above The Rest

Dye I4 review

You really can’t go wrong with this amazing paintball mask.

When it comes to performance, this mask is one of the best that money can buy. But it won’t break the bank priced under 155 dollars, you can’t go wrong. One feature that many players who already own the mask simply love is its ability to reflect the sun which gives you a better field of view. This is very important during game play and will give you an advantage over other players who have less than amazing masks. Another feature that many players find attractive is how the mask looks. It has a futuristic look that will give you both style and durability at the same time. We have put this mask to the test by comparing to our scale of 1 to 5. 5 being the most favorable and 1 being the worst. Below you will see how this mask adds up.

How the Dye Precision I4 Thermal Paintball Mask Adds Up

This scale of 1 to 5 is very accurate and very fair as well. Seeing how this mask ranks will help you better determine if it is the right one for you or not. We have compared five of the most important features and ranked them on the scale. Let’s get started!

Dye Precision I4
  • Fog resistance
  • Durability
  • Comfort
  • Field of view
  • Warranty

Final Overview

Are you in the market for a new paintball mask? If you are then you might be in for a shock. Choosing a mask can really be a difficult task and you might wonder, why? Well, the answer is simple it’s because there are so many of them out there. The paintball industry is a huge one and there are hundreds of different mask makers trying to get your money. This can make things confusing and there are many not so great paintball masks out there as well. That is why today we have chosen one of the best masks on the market to review. We have compared and contrasted this mask so that you don’t have too. After you read this review, you will be better informed about this mask and you just might find that it is the right one for you. Today we are going to take a deeper look at the Dye Precision I4 Thermal paintball mask. This newly designed mask is one of the best out there and we are here to prove it.

This mask is one of the best fog-resistant models in the industry. You will never have to worry about stopping and cleaning your mask during game play ever again. When you compare it to other masks in the same category, you simply won’t find a more durable mask that is also very flexible. This will let you run around on the battlefield and be protected while being very comfortable as well. Not many paintball masks can offer you both of these features.

When it comes field of view, you will be able to see everything around you including those other players hiding behind a tree. This will give a huge tactical advantage over the enemy and you will win more games.

When we look at the full one-year warranty, you really can’t go wrong with this amazing paintball mask. If you have any problems with the mask, simply send it in for repairs and you will have it back soon. If you are looking at potential paintball masks to purchase you just might want to add this one to the mix. So now that you know more about it, you can better decide if it is the right mask for you. For the money, you really can’t ask for a better paintball mask.



Fog resistance

This feature is a very important one. Not being able to see because of fog-over is a serious issue. But you will not have to worry about not being able to see while wearing this mask. The lens of the mask was designed with anti-fog resistance materials that will keep your mask clear during game play. The only time you will have to worry about cleaning your mask is when you get hit with a paintball.


Build to last, this paintball mask is made of the highest quality materials. Soft rubber, plastics and foam make this mask strong and at the same time very lightweight. This means that it can take a hit and keep on going without you having to worry about injury. Unlike some masks that are rigid and hard to wear, this one is not. It will flex with you as you move.


When we take a look at the comfort, it is very clear that this mask is very easy to wear. It flexes with you and will not hinder your movement. Being properly vented along the bottom of the mask allows you to communicate with your teammates without having to remove the mask. This also helps to vent out any hot air that might get trapped inside.

Field of view

Now we have to factor in field of view. This mask has a very large optically correct Triodial lens that will allow you to see all around you. Having a good field of view will help improve your game play and give you a tactical advantage over your opponents. What’s not to love about that?


This mask comes with a solid one-year warranty that will help protect your investment. If for any reason your mask has an issue you can send it in for repair. While it might take a few weeks to get it back, it will be like brand new when you get it. This also shows that the maker of this paintball mask stands behind their products 100%.

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