The Dye Proto Rize: A Great All-around Paintball Gun

Dye Proto Rize Review

With its anti-chop technology, you will never have to worry about breaking paintballs inside your gun again.

When it comes to quality, the Dye Proto Rize paintball gun really goes beyond the norm. This marker was built on a solid foundation with close attention to detail. Made to last, this gun will last many years with very little maintenance. Also, this marker has a ton of features that guns twice the price simply don’t have. If you are looking for a budget paintball gun that performs like a professional one then this is the gun for you. Great for both casual play and tournaments, the Dye Proto Rize will offer you the best of both worlds! Today we are going to compare five of its most valuable features and how they can benefit you on the playing field.

How This Gun Ranks Against the Rest

We have compared this gun’s most important features on a scale of 1 being the least favorable and 5 being the most favorable. This will help you to better understand the true value of this paintball marker. This review was carefully researched and written with 100% honesty.

Dye Proto Rize
  • Reliability
  • Efficiency
  • Weight
  • Sound
  • Warranty

Final Overview

Do you take paintball seriously? If so, you are probably just as serious about the paintball gun you use. Many of you are probably really choosy when it comes to picking a new marker. But with all the different guns on the market today, choosing can be quite difficult, to say the least. Many paintball guns seem to be of high quality later to find out this simply is not the case. This is why we have taken the opportunity to weed out those not so great guns and find one that fits all the quality that most paintball players are looking for. One of those guns that stand out from the rest is the Dye Proto Rize, and today we are going to take the time to learn more about why so many people are recommending it.

If you are looking for an electronic paintball gun that is very reliable then the Dye Proto Rize is the one for you. With its anti-chop technology, you will never have to worry about breaking paintballs inside your gun again. An operating pressure of 140 PSI makes this marker one of the most efficient around. This low air system also makes the gun more accurate each time you fire it. You will never have to worry about the gun being loud or giving away your position because it is super quiet on the battlefield. Never again will you be ambushed by your opponents because your gun was too noisy.

Finally, when you factor in the generous one-year full warranty you get at the date of purchase, you can’t go wrong with this wonderful paintball marker. Many of you are looking for a paintball gun that is both fun to shoot and will do well during tournament play. If you are one of those players, then the Dye Proto Rize is a very wise choice for you. So why not go out and buy one today?




You really could not ask for a more reliable gun than the Dye Proto Rize. This marker comes standard with anti-chop technology that will help prevent paintball breakage. Having this technology will keep your marker from jamming up during tournament play. This will also keep your gun cleaner and will reduce the amount of maintenance needed.


A brand new Fuze bolt has been installed inside of the Dye Proto Rize which allows it to operate at only 140 PSI. This will help save air making the marker highly efficient. Because the gun operates at such a low PSI level, it gives it more accuracy. This will allow you to hit your targets more often helping you win more competitions. Many people use this gun in competitions with great results!


Every paintball player that has been in the sport long enough will tell you that the weight of the gun is a huge deal. When you have to carry around a heavy marker it takes away from the game and makes you super tired at the end of the day. The Dye Proto Rize weighs in at under 2 pounds so you will never have to worry about it slowing you down. You will be the envy of all your friends who have to lug around much heavier paintball guns.


This is another important feature that people look for in a paintball marker. The louder the gun the greater the chase your position will be exposed. This can really have a major effect on your score during a tournament. The Dye Proto Rize operates at a very low PSI which helps keep it quiet and its action smooth. This is great for those of you who like to sneak up on your opponents and take them out before they can take a shot at you. If you are looking to improve your sniper skills, the Dye Proto Rize will help you accomplish your goals and keep you hidden from the enemy.


Now we have to talk about warranty. This is a huge factor when deciding which gun to buy. The Dye Proto Rize comes with a very generous one-year warranty that will protect your purchase in case something goes wrong. This warranty is much longer than many guns on the market so you can trust that buying a Dye Proto Rize is a wise decision. If you do run into a problem within the one-year period, the company will gladly help solve any issues you may have. Simply send your gun back to the company and they will work out any problems free of charge. What’s not to love about that?