Fastest Paintball Gun

fastest-paintball-gunWhen participating in a game of paintball,speed is of the essence. If you are serious about the sport, you will want to choose the fastest paintball gun that you can find to give yourself the edge over your opponents. Today, there are many excellent paintball guns on the market that are not only stylish but have speed of firing on their side. When making your choice, you will want to do your research thoroughly to ensure that you select the fastest paintball gun within your budget that meets your requirements.

How Many Paintballs Can A Paintball Gun Shoot Per Second?

The answer to this question very much depends on the circumstances. Usually, the firing rate is only limited by how fast the paintballs can be loaded into the chamber. In general, paintball guns can be fired as quickly as the trigger can be pulled, and some of the best paintball guns are equipped with hard, long trigger pulls which make the effective rate of fire around 5 to 6 shots each second. However there are now some paintball guns which are fired using circuit boards, and these can fire many more times per second, around 30 times i fact, however this figure relates solely to their cycle and not the speed at which they can fire paintballs, as this is limited by how quickly paintballs can be loaded into the gun. If a gun is equipped with a gravity fed hopper, only around 8 balls per second can be fired. If it is equipped with a motorized hopper, the speed can increase to more than 20 paintballs per second. Most of the fastest paintball guns ca now shot as quickly as the hopper feeds the paintballs, however the speed at which you move your fingers is also relevant – most people are unable to fire more than 10 or 12 balls per second. When firing paintballs during a game, it is usual that the rate of fire will drop. Some fields will cap the firing rate, while others have banned ramping and automatic firing. Of course, during a real-time game, most players are concentrating on hitting members of the opposing team instead of firing at the fastest rate. Overall, those with a mechanical gun will probably fire at around 7 or 8 balls per second, while those equipped with electropneumatic guns will manage around 15 balls per second.

Ramping And Automatic Firing

Ramping and automatic firing are some of the ways to make your firing as fast as possible. Ramping refers to a firing mode which requires the player to pull the trigger continuously while a circuit board gradually increases the rate of fire. As long as the player pulls the trigger, the gun will increase, or ramp up the firing rate, shooting at faster and faster speeds until it finally gets to its maximum firing rate of around 20 balls per second. Although this is permitted in some tournaments, others have banned this firing mode, so people who favor this method should check the rules before using it at an event. A fully automatic paintball gu only requires the player to press the trigger once and hold it down while the gun continually fires. The firing rate is defined by each individual gun. This type of gun is usually banned at tournaments and at many paintball fields.

There are lots of excellent and fast paintball guns which are perfect for those who are serious about their game. Here are two of the best on the market today.

Dye M2 Marker

Dye M2Benefitting from more than 12 years of experience in the paintball marker manufacturing business, the Dye M2 Paintball Marker has created a new benchmark not just for performance but for style too. Based on the well known DM series platform, this paintball gun has been re-engineered from scratch and every one of its components have been improved. Featuring an elegantly contoured design, the DYE M2 has introduced the Method Operating System and Prism Interface – a one inch, high resolution and full color OLED screen that has 45 different program screens and more than a million performance settings to allow the owner to customize practically every element of their weapon. The training mode allows the user to improve their game while taking note of the real time statistics which are displayed about the performance. This paintball gun is exceptionally well equipped with service systems, multiple player profiles, internal pressure sensors and expanded operational control among its many excellent features. A luxury product with extraordinary craftsmanship, the M2 has a rechargeable battery and a five way control joystick as well as a wireless connection between the body and frame. Its patented fuse bolt design ensures a low operating pressure of just 135 PSI and thanks to its improved bolt speed and optimized air flow, there is consistent accuracy, less recoil and a smoother bolt cycle. It comes as standard with a .688 and .684 Ultralite barrel back which can adapt rapidly to different weather conditions and paint sizes. Durable and lightweight, the DYE barrel is the ultimate in quality and accuracy.

SP Shocker RSX

SP Shocker RSXThe SP Shocker RSX combines extremely stable pneumatics with precise electronic control. Innovative and packed with features, this impressive paintball gun is faster, smaller and lighter for improved performance and speed. Designed to have as much strength and to be as light as possible, the grip frame of this gun has been made from aircraft grade aluminum using cutting edge 3D modeling to reduce weight without impacting on strength. With an amply sized trigger guard, there is plenty of room for even the largest of hands and quickest of fingers. Its bolt system is engineered to be lightweight and precise to deliver paint accurately, quietly and smoothly and thanks to its low operating pressure, even the most brittle paintballs can be shot without an LPR. With an impressive OLED control board, programming the gun is a breeze while the rear grip placement gives the user a heads up view of the screen when in a shooting position. Thanks to its semi-rigid case, with tough fabric and dirt resistant zipper, this gun is well protected and with so many pouches, there is plenty of room to store barrel components and spares.