GOG eNMEy Marker Review

There’s a lot to choose from for the beginner in the world of paintball, and this can make the choice of a first marker extremely difficult without extensive research.

If you’re new to the sport, and want someone to point at a gun and tell you “get that one” then you know the person is spot on in their assessments of gear if they recommend the GOG eNMEy marker to you.

Gregory, Author Paintimpact

GOG eNMEy Marker Review

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  • Lightweight
  • Super Simple Design
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Accurate 
  • Chops Occasionally
  • Lacks Advanced Features
  • Need to Be Careful About Sourcing

The Marker Itself

GOG is a big name in the paintball world, and for good reason. They might not have the flair and dazzle that come with some of the more expensive brands, but what they do make are solid products that are sure to last for a long time.

The eNMEy is one of those stand-outs. It’s a simple design, it lacks frills and advanced features, but it makes for a solid marker for anyone new to the sport who just isn’t sure what they want yet and comes in at a budget price.

The Design

This isn’t a fancy gun. Let’s get that out of the way before we go any further, if you’re looking for a blowback design, electronics, or advanced internals you’re better off looking elsewhere.

Instead, it’s a basic, low-cost marker that’s truly pneumatic. There’s no metal-on-metal rubbing, no springs, no extra care required. It’s a simple piece of work, but it’s durable, accurate, and should provide minimal chopping on the field.

It’s also low weight, and made of composite plastic which means you’ll be able to have fun with it all day without having to worry about getting tired.

The Shot

The gun is wholly pneumatic, coming with a simple blow forward action. The trigger is extremely smooth and doesn’t have a long pull like a lot of guns at this price point. This will allow you to maintain a high rate of fire on the field even without any ramping features.

The gun is also remarkably accurate, especially for the budget price. If you’re a beginner and getting tired of rental guns which chop, kick, and generally make a mess you’ll be more than pleased with the eNMEy.

Simply put: it shoots a lot better than the price would indicate.


With the simplified internals on this marker, you’re looking at quick and easy maintenance. It should definitely be handled and cleaned after every match, however, it’s not a particularly low maintenance marker.

What it is, most definitely, is extremely simple. Even a novice should be able to open, clean, and lubricate the marker without too much instruction beforehand.

GOG markers offer an advantage over a lot of similar products at the same price point as well: they’re huge in the after-market accessory market and a player can modify the guns with new barrels, hoppers, and whatever they may please in order to customize the gun for their own needs.

Overall Verdict

For what it is, the eNMEy is almost a perfect starter paintball gun and it’s affordable for nearly anyone looking to get into the sport right from the outset.

There is one issue that repeatedly comes up with it, however, which is that some less than reputable sources have tried to move used or recalled markers. Make sure that you get one from a reputable source, as some of the recalled or used guns have some serious malfunctions.

Once you get your hands on a good one, however, you’re likely to be quite impressed. Many experienced players keep one around as a back-up gun in case their main marker fails during a match as well.

It’s highly recommended for anyone new to paintballing. The ease of use, accuracy, and price point make it a fantastic buy.

User Review Excerpts

“I’m smitten with this little marker, it shoots faster then my mech cocker and mag, is more efficient, lighter and cheaper.”

“I have used this gun a few times out with friends from work at local field. And I was surprise as to how well this gun handled and work. It can take a beating from even the most novice player and still keep on truckin’.
For being a mechanical marker, I was amazed at how well it would keep up and able to “walk” the trigger. It did chop a few balls ( I was using Valken Infinity) but was easy to clean.
I would recommend this gun to any beginner looking to get into the sport and want a good, reliable, non expensive marker to start off with.”

“I love this marker. It has a bit of a kick to it and it might be a bit of an air-hog(which could be the weather in New Jersey at this time of year). It’s super durable. I took it out into the woods for a big march that lasted for over 7 hours and didn’t have a single problem with it.”


Is the eNMEy right for me?
Why the low price point if it’s so good?
Are simplified internals a big deal?
Where can I get it?


For the beginner, this is the perfect gun. It’s simple, reliable, cheap, and will let you get on the field and in action in no time. Advanced players will probably prefer more expensive markers, and intermediate players may have their preferences one way or another that lead them to different markers, but if you’re just getting started this is likely the exact marker you want.

Don’t take our word for it, give it a closer look and you’ll see why it’s the darling of so many newbies on the field.

  • Reliability
  • Efficiency
  • Weight
  • Sound
  • Warranty