How To Clean A Paintball Gun

How to clean a paintball gunIt is vital to keep your paintball marker or paintball gun in good condition, therefore it is essential to know how to clean a paintball gun. If your gun is dirty, it may jam and be less accurate when firing, and paintballs may even break inside the barrel. Luckily, it is very easy to clean a paintball gun, and you will only need a few simple supplies which can easily be purchased online.

You will need:

Best Product
  • Your gun’s schematic
  • Toothbrush or Q Tips
  • Paper towels
  • Allen keys
  • Squeegees
  • Water (warm)
  • Lubricant

When cleaning your paintball gun, you should follow these steps carefully:

De-Gas Your Gun

To guard against misfiring, you should ensure there is no gas in your gun before working on it. Take out the fuel canister and find its ASA lever. If you have a gun without an ASA lever, you should check the instruction manual about how to de-gas your gun properly.

Disassemble Your Gun

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Starting with the hopper, disassemble your gun carefully. Remove the bolt, hammer, barrel and grip frame, setting each piece aside together with its fasteners or screws as they are removed. This will help you to put your gun back together again more easily and quickly.

Clean The Body

First check your instructions to discover whether or not you can run a squeegee through the body of your gun. If you can, you should do so, following up with a wet toothbrush or Q Tip to make certain that the entire body has been cleaned out to prevent any jamming. Once you have done, wipe down the body using a paper towel to make sure that it is all entirely dry.

Clean The Barrel

Using the pull through squeegee, clean any paint residue from out of the barrel as this may decrease your accuracy and may cause jamming. Afterwards, wipe down the barrel using a damp paper towel and ensure that the barrel is thoroughly dried.

Clean The Hammer And Bolt

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With a paper towel, clean the hammer and bolt properly and then dry both thoroughly. Check both pieces’ O-Rings to see if there are any signs of wear and tear. Although it is ok if there is a small amount of wear, any moderate or heavy damage is a sign that you will need to replace the components.

Clean The Grip Frame

Using a toothbrush or a Q Tip, clear any debris from the grip frame, however you should not take apart the trigger assembly as it is complicated to do and may be hard to put back together. You may risk your gun malfunctioning unless you leave it intact. Once you have cleaned the grip frame, you should dry it thoroughly and check it carefully for any sign of damage.

Inspecting Your Gun

You should begin by look for damage or cracking on the O-Rings and replacing any that show signs of excessive wear. This will guard against air loss as poor quality rings can reduce the velocity of your paintballs while spending fuel more quickly. After this, you should check all of the springs to make sure that they are in good shape and lying straight. Following this, check the screws to see if they show any sign of damage and replace parts that are not in perfect condition.

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Lubricate Parts

Having cleaned and dried all of the parts of your paintball gun, you should start lubricating all of them with care. Lightly coat the O-rings but make sure that use just use a paintball oil which has been recommended by the manufacturer of your gun as a different type can cause damage to the parts.

Reassamble The Gun

If you have finished lubricating and inspecting all of your gun’s components, the time has come to reassemble it. You should use the schematic to ensure that you have the order of assembly correct and check to make sure that you are installing every component with the correct screw or fastener. If you assemble your paintball gun correctly, you can rest assured that your gun will remain in good working order.

Maintaining Your Gun

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You do not only need to clean your gun regularly to maintain it, you need to store it properly too as it may become damaged if stored incorrectly. Take the time to unload your gun, de-gas it and remove its fuel tank. Pull your gun’s trigger, letting its bolt slide gently forward to prevent damage to the springs and make sure you have put the safety on. Add a touch of oil to all of the push pins and screws for optimal lubrication and keep it in a gun case in a dry and safe location.

There are numerous excellent products on the market that you can make use of when cleaning your paintball gun. Here are some of the most useful:

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Cleaning kit

A simple all in one solution to cleaning nozzles and barrels, this 17 piece kit contains all the brushes you need for keeping your paintball gun in perfect working order. The set contains six needles in different sizes, a single ended 7 inch brush with a plastic handle, a black nylon area brush, three black nylon tube brushes of different lengths and sizes, five mini brushes in different sizes and a white nylon tube brush. See it here.

Maintenance Kit

For those who want to save time and effort on collecting all the essential items for cleaning their paintball gun, this entire maintenance kit supplies all the vital pieces of kit. It includes a 1oz bottle of Tippmann Marker Oil which is suitable for all blow back markets, a barrel muzzle for safety with an adjustable spring loaded cord lock, a heavy-duty dobby, and a mountaineering web strike point, an Empire rubber squeegee, flexible fuzzy sticks and replacement O-Rings. See it here.

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