How to Start a Paintball Business

If you’re serious about the hobby, then you’ve probably considered trying your hand at starting a paintball business. There’s a lot of different ways you can break into the field, and not all of them will require a huge investment on your part.

We’ll break them down for you, depending on whether you’re looking to start something part time or full time.

Gregory, Author Paintimpact

How to Start a Paintball Business

Part Time Ideas

Really, the formation of a business comes with an idea. You’ll offer services based on what people need, market it a bit, and hopefully attract the clientele you’ll need to really get things going.

If you’re still working another job, and don’t want to make a huge investment, then you might want to try one of the following ideas:

Offering Rides

If you’re just wanting to get your feet wet, without too much initial investment, try offering rides through Facebook groups or by contacting leagues. You can charge a small fee on top of your overhead, and make a decent amount of money.

The key here is to pick the right clientele and having a vehicle capable of carrying a significant amount of people. For the most part, serious paintballers will be carpooling anyways but those who don’t commonly go might want a ride.

Equipment Rentals

Most paintball fields offer rentals, but the equipment is, as a general rule, old and battered and often not in all that great of shape after a year or two. If you make a small investment in, say, a half dozen high-quality guns and full sets of protection material you can try renting it out to people.

Most fields offer, at the best, semi-automatic guns so you could conceivably make back your investment quickly by offering different types of ramping markers and other high-end gear for a premium.

Make sure you have the flow done properly, it’s best to collect a bit of collateral in case someone decides to run off with one of your sets of equipment. With the right marketing, however, you could make a killing and help people enjoy the game even more on the field.

Event Organization

You can charge a fee for setting up events with local fields in order to make some money. This will work best if you’re already in fairly tight in the community in your area. See if you can get some mark downs for larger groups and that sort of thing and reach out to groups that might be interested.

It’ll involve some time, and likely some cold calling, but if you do it right then you can make some money with a minimal investment on your part and help new people to enjoy the sport.

Full Time Ideas

If you’re looking to get serious and make a career around your hobby then there’s a variety of avenues which will work quite well. After all, others are already doing it so why not get in on the action?

Starting a Field

If you’ve got access to land, or you’re willing to make the investment to get a lease on a considerable amount of property, you can start your own field.

 In this case, you’ll be in direct competition with any other fields in the area so it’s best to know what you’re doing. Renting high-quality equipment, selling paintballs, and charging a bit of a fee for those who are using the field is a good idea.

This will definitely be a full time business, however, and isn’t for the faint of heart as it will definitely involve some financial risk in the outset.

Your best bet is if you’re in a more rural area without easy access to fields. Land will be cheaper to lease, and you might have a wider community than you think as people tend to play in unregulated areas when there’s no field available.

Make sure you do your homework when it comes to insurance and the like, however, since the sport does have a tendency to injure people once in a while. It’s probably also better to set yourself up as a corporation, as a sole proprietor you’ll be facing quite a bit of risk at the end of the day.

From there you’ll be running a business much like any other, with the bonus of being able to use your field whenever you’d like. You’ll still need to market, of course, and try to make offers that will draw in a constant clientele.

These people are going to be your back bone, as far as business structure goes, but chances are most of them will have their own equipment. These means outreach to infrequent or completely new players is key to turning a good amount of profit.

Equipment Manufacture

If you’re really ready to go full bore into the world of a paintball business, you might want to add your own mark to the landscape. This means manufacturing equipment, and you’ll find it’s not as hard or expensive as you might think.

Manufacturing markers is very expensive and competitive, but protective gear is actually quite simple to get into. The key is to make sure that you have a better cost/benefit ratio than the competition in the beginning, rather than trying to market high-ticket items right out of the gate.

From there you’ll need to market, figure out where you’re going to sell them, and deal with all of the attendant issues of marketing. It’s actually quite easy to get the word out in the modern world, Facebook ads can be well targeted and Amazon serves as a completely viable platform to sell your products.

Offer some for free, get the good reviews you need, and keep expanding and you’re on your way to making some serious money.


We hope we’ve given you some ideas that’ll help you make some money off of your hobby. Whether you do something part time or full time is up to you at the end of the day, and will depend on your mindset and resources.

The market is already there though, and if you’re looking to make some cash and you’ve got a clever mind, you’re in luck and might be on your way to making a permanent impression on paintballers all over the world.