Our Guide To Paintball Related Bruises and Welts

Paintball Bruises and Welts
If you are going to play the sport of paintball one of the things that comes with it are bruises and welts. Those of you who are new to the game may not have gotten one yet but if you play for very long you will probably experience some. While there are some things you can do to avoid them, as you will learn below most players have had at least one of two. Today we are going to take a deeper look at bruises and welts related to the game of paintball.

What’s The Difference between a Bruise and a Welt?

If you are unfamiliar with these two different terms, this next bit of information will help you better understand.

Paintball Bruise

A paintball related bruise is just like any other bruise that you may get. They can range in color from purple to black and they are under the skin. Normally flat, bruises lay just under the skin and fade away with time.

Paintball Welt

A welt that is caused by a paintball strike  or Airsoft Gun is a small to the large sized area of raised skin, that is normally red in color. Welts will take time to heal and can be very painful to the touch. Welts normally go away quicker than bruises.

What to Expect

Depending on the area of the impact and the range in which the paintball was fired (or Airsoft sniper rifle), will determine the size and scope of your welt or bruise. If you get hit at close range on an unprotected part of the body, it’s likely that your injury will be very large and noticeable. But if you get hit by a ball that comes from far away and you have some sort of protection, your injury will likely be small and unnoticeable. Both welts and bruises can be painful during and after the paintball strike has occurred. Some of these paintball-related injuries can be serious and have to be treated by a medical professional. Most are harmless and can be treated at home without the need to go to the doctor. But if you have any questions about your inj

Paintball Welt

How to treat a Paintball Welt

ury or you are in severe pain always seek the advice of a medical professional. Below are some methods that you may use to treat minor bruises and welts from the comfort of your own home.

How to Treat Paintball Related Bruises and Welts

Below is some helpful information that will help you recover from your paintball related injury much faster and bring you some comfort. Remember this information is for those with minor injuries and we are not medical professionals. If you feel your injury is serious, please make sure to seek professional advice.

Treatment for Bruises

As soon as you notice that a bruise is appearing under your skin, you will need to do something to treat it. A great way to quickly give you relief is by using a cold compress. These can be made at home with a bag of ice and a towel or you can use one that come

s in most first aid kits. But remember to keep the compresses away from the skin by using a towel as a buffer. Failure to do so might cause more damage to your skin and in severe cause even frostbite. Apply the compresses for 15 minutes and then wait one hour before repeated the process. This will help reduce the bruise and it will make you feel much better at the same time.

Warm compresses

After you have spent one full day applying cold compresses, you will then want to switch to warm compresses. This can be done by dipping a cloth in warm water and applying it to the bruise. You may also use a heating pad which will work just as well as the wet method. Warm compresses will work to improve the color of the bruise, by improving the cir

Vitamin K Cream

A Vitamin K Cream is great for your Welts and Bruises

culation around it. Remember to apply the compress for 15 minutes and repeat after one hour has passed.

Vitamin K cream

One of the best ways to treat a paintball related bruises is by applying some vitamin K cream. These creams can be purchased over the counter from drugstores around the country. Make sure to follow all instruction on the package and you may even want to consult your doctor before applying the cream.
I never go without my Vitamin K Cream when playing Paintball, I use the Vitamin K Cream. You can see it here.

Epsom salt baths

These salt baths are very soothing and work wonders on bruises. Epsom salt can be purchased at drugstores and big box stores around the country, so finding some won’t be an issue. Depending on the instructions on the box, fill your tub with warm water and then add the correct amount of salt. Get in the tub and soak for at least 30 minutes. This will help with any pain associated with bruises or any soreness that you may have. A 30-minute soak will make you feel like a new person and you will be relaxed and ready to move on with your day.
This is my favourite Epsom Salt.

epsom salt

Epsom Salt Relaxes the Muscles and Heals your Skin.

Natural treatments

There are a few natural treatments that seem to work well on bruises. One natural treatment that many paintball players use on bruises is to apply peelings from potatoes or bananas. Rub these on the bruises a few times a day and it will help reduce pain and improve circulation.

Treatment for Welts

Just like bruises welts can be treated by a cold compress. This will help reduce the swelling associated with welts and any pain that you may be having.

Keep it elevated

If your welt is on your legs or arms you can help reduce the swelling by elevating it. This will also make recovery a more comfortable process.

Apply witch hazel

Witch Hazel

Witch Hazel Reduces Pain and Swelling.

Witch hazel which can be purchased at the drugstore is a great natural remedy for reducing pain and swelling. I use this one.

Get some rest

Makes sure that you get plenty of rest and stay off your feet for a while. This will help your skin recover quicker and reduce any pain that you may be having.

How Long Will Bruises and Welts Last?

This is a good question that many of you are probably wondering. The truth is it really depends on the size and area of the body that was affected. Welts normally last a few hours to a few days depending on bad they are. Bruises, on the other hand, can last a bit longer. Depending on how large the bruise is they could last for several days and even a week. But with proper treatment both bruises and welts will go away much quicker and you will feel much better. Remember to follow the remedies above and your pain and discomfort will be kept to a minimum.

How to Avoid Paintball Related Bruises and Welts

Preventing bruises and welts to start with is always the best policy. While this can be difficult to do, there are some things that you can do to minimize your risk of getting injured while enjoying the game of paintball. Below you will find some helpful information that will help you stay bruise and welt free while enjoying your favorite pastime.

Wear layers

A great way to help prevent bruises and welts is by putting on more than one layer of clothing. This layer of clothing will act as a buffer and absorb the shock of a fast moving paintball. While wearing more than one layer of clothing may add more weight to your gear, it will help prevent any injuries which is well worth the added discomfort during game play. While this does not replace the need to wear protective gear, it can help reduce injury in those areas of the body that protective gear may fail to cover.

Wear protective gear

By all means, protective gear is the best way to protect yourself from injury. If you are new to the sport of paintball you will want to take the time to review all the different types of protective gear that are available to you. Some of the gear includes; helmets, gloves, vests, goggles, padded pants and shirts. This gear is very important and will help protect you from greater injury. If you simply can’t afford to purchase all this gear at once, the most important piece of gear that you should purchase first is a helmet. A good helmet will help protect your head and your eyes from serious damage. But after you buy your helmet it’s advised that you continue to add to your protective gear collection until you are fully covered. With each piece of protective gear, you add to your collection, the more covered you will be against paintball-related injuries.

Protect those sensitive areas first

If you don’t have enough cash to buy all your gear at once, make sure you get enough gear to protect those areas of the body that are most sensitive. These areas include; the head, neck, hands, and thighs. Make sure that these areas are always protected and you will reduce the amount of paintball-related injuries you have. This will also make the game more fun to play and you will not have to worry about getting hurt while enjoying what you love the most.

Avoid getting hit

This may sound like strange advice to those who have been playing the sport for years but if you are new to the sport its wise advice. Try your best not to get hit in the first place by improving your gaming skills. Make sure to use the art of cover and take advantage of any obstacles that you may find around the playing field. While this will come with practice, you will learn how to sneak around without getting hit. Many really good paintball players come home with very little paint on their clothing. For those of you new to the sport this may seem impossible. But with practice, you will get much better. A great way to achieve this goal is by mapping out the playing field long before the game begins. This will allow you to know beforehand where the obstacles are and you can find those areas of the battlefield that you can hide from your opponents if you come under heavy fire.

Make sure everyone is following the rules

This is a very important piece of advice that everyone should follow. Many paintball leagues have set rules that help players avoid injury and you should always follow these rules. Some of these rules include; not shooting someone who has their helmet off and some go even as far as forbidding head shots altogether. These rules help prevent hundreds of injuries each and every year. On the other hand, if you have no rules during game play you run the risk of someone getting hurt. So always make sure to set up some guidelines even if it is just a casual game between friends. This will also prevent any hard feelings that may happen if someone gets seriously injured while playing.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know more about paintball related bruises and welts, you will be able to treat them from the comfort of your own home. You have learned what works best to reduce the amount of swelling and how to cut down the time a bruise stays on your skin. Also, you have learned what types of clothing you will need to protect yourself while enjoying the game and even some technics on how to avoid getting hit. This tips will help you stay paint free as well as avoiding any injuries in the process. No matter how long you have been playing the sport of paintball, all of these tips will be very helpful to you. Many of you reading this are probably new to the game and now you know what to expect. This information will probably put your mind at ease if you were worried about getting hurt while out in the field. With a little bit of common sense and some preventative measures, you will be able to enjoy the sport for many years to come.

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