Paintball Tactics That Every Player Needs To Learn

Are you new to the sport of paintball? Do you want to brush up on your game tactics? If so, you have come to the right place. The game of paintball is a highly competitive sport and if you want to thrive during gameplay, you are going to need to learn some tactics. Today we are going to discuss several tactics that will help improve your game and stay alive longer. Below you will find helpful information that will help you win more games.

Personal Paint Ball Strategies

If you are playing as a solo player either in free-play or in some type of singles competition, you are going to need to know some basic personal paintball tactics in order to do well in the game. Today we are going to take a look at some of the basic moves that you can make to command the field.

  • Mobility: During the game of paintball you are going to want to keep moving. Staying in one place too long will allow other players to spot your position and they can take you out of the game really quickly. So make sure that you stay mobile during gameplay. But keep in mind that running around without any direction is just as bad as being a sitting duck. Running out into the open while under fire can be the end of your game. So make sure to plan your moves before you make them. If possible, tour the area you are going to be playing in prior to the game. This will help you get a layout of the land and you will know what to expect when things heat up. Also, try to find some places you can hide. With some wise planning, your gameplay will become much better. Remember, it’s up to you to scout out the area so get out there and do the work before game day.
  • Cover: Cover is your best friend while playing the game of paintball. Many players new to the game forget the importance of cover and they often walk out into the open. Large open spaces will expose you to your opponents and they will easily be able to take you out. So what is considered cover? Cover can be anything you can find to protect yourself from being seen and being shot at. A tree, a bush, a rubber tire, and a bunker wall will make a great cover. When you are hiding behind a cover, you will be harder to hit and you can safely return fire without getting paint on you. Just like mobility, it is a good idea to scout out the area you are going to be playing in and find those areas of cover that will benefit you the most. Remember, when traveling between cover to travel quickly to avoid getting hit. Also, don’t always choose the same cover as you did in previous games because your opponents will know your position.
  • Rate of fire: Some players like to go full auto while others like to fire their paintball guns only once per pull of the trigger. Your rate of fire will depend on your personal style and your current situation. If you are in sniper mode, 9 times out of 10 you are going to want to choose the one shot one kill method. This will allow you to improve your accuracy and take out your targets one by one. Full auto shooting is also great for those players trying to lay down cover fire. But this method of shooting is normally used by a team of two people or more. Full auto fire can also be used as a last-ditch effort to save yourself if you are getting overrun by other players on the field.
  • Confidence: This is a huge tactic that many seasoned players have down pat. Being confident on the battlefield is the only real way you are going to make other players take you seriously. If you show that you are not going to back down and you carry yourself with confidence, other players will not only respect you but maybe be a little intimidated by you. This will give you the tactical advantage on the battlefield. The game of paintball is more than just guns and paintballs. The game is also played in the head. So get your game face on and let them know you are serious!
  • Sniping: This technic takes a lot of skill and a paintball gun that can reach long distances. Many players who enjoy sniping dress up in full camouflage and move around the battlefield very slowly. Once they are in position, normally behind good cover, they will take their shot. This single shot is intended to take out other players one by one. After a sniper has taken down one player, they often quickly move to another location to protect their position. Rarely does a sniper make more than one shot at a time because if they do it will quickly give away the position they are hiding in.

Team Tactics

When you are playing on a team, you have to worry about more than just your own self. You also have to look out for your teammates and keep them alive in the game. The fewer teammates you have left on the playing field the greater the chance for yourself to get knocked out of the game. Below are some tactics that you and your teammates can work together to achieve.

  • Leap frogging: This is a term that you will hear many players talk about. Basically, you cover one another as you are advancing or retreating. The first player fires at the other team while the next player behind them runs for cover. This is repeated until the last person is safely covered or you have made advancement against the enemy. This tactic was adopted from the military and works really well. But all of your teammates will have to hold together to make it work. Just one person not doing their part can put the entire team at risk. This tactic is best used if all of the players on your team has practiced it first.
  • Flanking: This is another great tactic that was taken from the military. While a few players work up the middle several others try to work their way around the other team in hopes of surprising them from the sides. This is a very effective move that has won many games of paintball in the past. Flanking is a bold move but it is one that is necessary to win the game. You might lose several players in the process but your team as a whole will survive and win the game.
  • Cover fire rushing: This is a tactic used to make large advancements on the battlefield. Several of your teammates will fire their paintball guns rapidly at the other team while the rest of you rush the field. The rushers will use physical cover while they make their advancement. This is often used to intimidate the other team and get them to run from the advancement.
  • False retreat: This is a sneaky tactic that some players use with great success. If you can convince the other team that your team is retreating they will often rush out into the open to take advantage of our retreat. But instead, what they will find on the other end of the battlefield is your team waiting for the kill. While some players might frown on this type of tactic, it just might help save your team from losing the game.
  • Ambush: This is a very common paintball tactic that works very well. During an ambush, all of your teammates will take cover normally around an obstacle or trial way. Your team will lay in wait very quietly without making a sound. Once the other team has advanced into your area, you and your teammates open fire on the unexpecting team. This causes chaos and confusion and most of the time the entire team that gets ambushed is taken out of the game. You have to be very careful, however, not to get caught up in any crossfire that might occur during the confusion.

Practice Makes Perfect

Now that you know more about these basic paintball tactics, why not get together with your teammates and practice them? If you are serious about playing competitions, then you will have to practice regularly. This will help hone your skills as an individual and as a team. Even if you like to just play for fun, practicing can make you a better player and you will have the confidence you need to command the playing field. So practice, practice, practice and soon you will be one of the best players around. Many players who started out not knowing very much about the game of paintball have found their way into competition around the world. Who knows you too might just be one of those people who simply fall in love with this super fun and amazing sport!