The Planet Eclipse Geo CS1 Paintball Gun: A Remarkable Paintball Gun That Won’t Slow You Down

Planet Eclipse Geo CS1 Review

This gun will last you for many years and all you have to do is service it every so often.

When you are looking for a paintball gun, there are certain qualities a marker needs to have. One of those qualities is reliability. A durable gun that is built around a strong frame is something everyone looks for. The Planet Eclipse Geo CS1 is one gun that meets those standards and meets them well. Built from only the finest materials, this marker will stand up to the environment and never fail you on the playing field. Another feature that many people look for in a gun is efficiency. The Planet Eclipse Geo CS1 with its full-size piston efficiently uses less air. A built-in regulator, that is located inside of the frame helps the piston cut down on air waste. This system can easily function on 250 PSI operating pressure, making the gun very accurate as well. We have reviewed this paintball marker and rated it on a scale of 1 to 5. 5 being the very best and 1 being not so great. Let’s see how this paintball gun adds up to the scale.

How This Paintball Gun Adds Up

Our ranking system is both honest and reliable. It will also allow you to compare the five best features of this paintball gun and decide if it is right for you. Now let’s take a look at how this gun adds up.

Planet Eclipse CS1
  • Reliability
  • Efficiency
  • Weight
  • Sound
  • Warranty

Final Overview

Choosing a paintball gun seems to be very hard these days. Because there are so many different models to pick from, you can really be overwhelmed. Each year more and more paintball gun makers are jumping into the game and this does not help things. Sure it is great to have options but having too many is an issue all in itself. This is why we have decided to try and give people looking for a new paintball marker a hand. We have researched and chosen one of the best guns around and today we are going to take a deeper look at the Planet Eclipse Geo CS1 paintball gun. This gun has really impressed many paintball players and it just might win your approval as well.

The Planet Eclipse Geo CS1 paintball marker is one of the most dependable models that money can buy. It's built on a solid frame that won’t fail you under pressure. This gun will last you for many years and all you have to do is service it every so often. The marker is very easy to clean and you will love how efficient it is.

Being able to operate with only 250 pounds of air, this gun will fire at a rapid rate. This helps cut down on the sound and you can barely hear it firing at all.

When it comes to weight this marker is just over 2 pounds and will never slow you down. An accurate paintball gun, the Geo CS1 will hit its mark each and every time. A very generous 1-year warranty comes standard with this model and will help protect your investment. Most of the time people who purchase this gun never have to use the warranty. If you are looking for one of the best paintball guns around, then you will want to invest in the Planet Eclipse Geo CS1. It will help you achieve your goals on the battlefield and it is super fun to shoot!




One of the key features of any good paintball gun is reliability. The Planet Eclipse Geo CS1 paintball gun was built from the ground up with durability in mind. This entire gun is built around a solid 6082-T6 aluminum frame, that simply won’t let you down. Another feature that helps add to the stability of this paintball marker is the 16-Bit 16 MIPS flash microcontroller. This very powerful microprocessor helps keep this gun firing smoothly, even during adverse conditions.


When it comes to efficiency this paintball marker can operate with just 250 PSI. Being able to fire at such a low operating pressure makes this gun waste less air and be more accurate, all at the same time! Not many markers of this caliber can run on such a low operating pressure and this will give you the tactical advantage you need on the battlefield. Also, this gun is super easy to load adding to its efficiency.


Now we come to the issue of weight. Most guns that have as many bells and whistles as this one does, weighs a ton. But the Planet Eclipse Geo CS1 only weighs in at just over 2 pounds! This is a truly amazing feat when you think about all that is put into this paintball gun. Weighing just 2 pounds means that you will never have to worry about this gun wearing you out at the end of the day. Also, it will make the gun easy to carry with you, no matter how far you have to travel.


Because the Planet Eclipse Geo CS1 only uses 250 pounds to push around its piston, the gun is almost silent. Just imagine having a gun that you can use to sneak around the battlefield and take out your opponents one by one. This will surely increase your game play and help you come home with a lot less paint on your shirt.


Planet Eclipse has always stood behind their products and they are offering a full one-year warranty with the purchase of the Planet Eclipse Geo CS1. This means that if you run into any issues with your paintball marker, you can send it in for repairs without having to pay for it. But most people who have owned this gun never run into any major issue.

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