Tippman Project Salvo Review 2017

Milsim games are a growing part of the overall paintball community, and in this case Tippman has provided an excellent gun in the form of an AR-15 rifle.

The Tippman Project Salvo is widely used in tactical simulations and milsim games. It’s an official, licensed property of the US Army as well, so you know you’re in for something good if you decide to add it to your collection.

Gregory, Author Paintimpact

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  • Picatinny Rail and Folding Stock
  • Awesome Military Look
  • Consistent Fire
  • Folding Stock Allows Impressive Dexterity 
  • Heavy
  • Disappointing Hopper Out of the Box
  • Difficulty in Maintenance and Upgrades

The Marker Itself

Tippman is one of the big names in paintball, providing quality products at a great price for a long time now. Their partnership with the US Army to provide this marker is just an indicator of the quality you’ll be receiving.

This gun is used by the army for simulations, but milsim games are becoming increasingly popular with hobbyists as well and this gun is available for cheaply enough that even those who are strapped for cash can get involved easily.

The Design

The Project Salvo is designed to look and function mostly like an actual AR-15. The details put into it are more than just styling though, the stock has six foldable positions to allow you a comfortable seat on your shoulder no matter what and the picatinny rails are completely functional.

This means you can use the standard AR-15 accessories with the gun. They’re widely available due to the popularity of the rifle, and excellent for simulations. Foregrips, optics, lights, and other accessories can make an already impressive gun into a tactical masterpiece after all.

It is a fairly heavy paintball gun, mainly because of the look-alike factor, so keep that in mind if you’re planning on using it.

The Shot

The Project Salvo marker is based around the Tippman 98 design, which is a very common marker. Apart from the handling differences due to the stock and weight you’ll know what it fires like if you’ve used one before.

If you haven’t, you can expect a consistent shot at a decent, but not high rate of fire. It has significant kick but you’ll also find that it’s quieter than most other markers near the same price point while offering the same amount of firepower.

Most players will want to replace the hopper almost immediately. It’s a standard, gravity fed hopper but it’s rather disappointing in it’s out of the box performance.


One of the drawbacks of the gun’s appearance is that it can be quite hard to work on. While it will accept a lot of accessories not available on most guns, changing out the basics can be something of a pain. This is primarily due to the barrel shroud.

It requires the normal amount of maintenance for a paintball gun as well, it’s not an ultra-smooth operating marker after all. The construction of the gun will take a while to pull apart when it comes time to lubricate things and make sure that everything is functioning optimally as well.

Overall, it’s not a high-maintenance marker but there are some difficulties associated with getting the job done due to the extra features of the external design.

Overall Verdict

The Project Salvo is a fine marker for an intermediate player. It’s probably the best around at it’s lower price point for milsim games and it will work fine for woodsball as well. Combined with its fearsome aesthetic, this will make it a great marker for players who can handle the increased weight.

It’s not suitable for tournaments or speedball, however, and some players will feel uncomfortable with it on the field due to the highly-realistic simulation of an AR-15. If you’re not able to handle the weight, it’s not a good purchase but players getting into the sport shouldn’t count it out since it makes up for it with the ability to be used at long range or tight quarters with a comfortable shoulder stock.

User Reviews

“I’ve played paintball before, but the way this marker fits in my grip massively changes things. This marker exceeded my expectations on the field and induced shock, awe, and fear in those on the other team.

One thing though, this is a marker you want to use for speedball. Although it can be used in speedball with the folding stock, other markers out there be far superior. I bought this gun knowing that. I’m not the speedball type of guy. Inflatable obstacles and super short games don’t excite me. I much prefer to play in the woods.”

“I’ve had this gun for about three years. It’s been through mud, snow, water, drops, and pretty much every harsh condition a marker can find and it’s still working like a charm. You couldn’t ask for a more reliable and durable gun at this price. The look just adds to its appeal.”

“Good gun for getting into scenario based paintball. Don’t expect to compete with the speedball guys though. With some upgrades and modifications you can turn this into a real good shooter, but you can’t turn a Toyota into a Ferrari.”


Is this marker only for milsim and scenarios?
Where can I get it?
It shoots normal paintballs, right?
What kind of player is the Project Salvo right for?

Overall Verdict

If you’re looking to get into milsim games or scenario play then this marker really can’t be beat for the price. Those who like to engage at longer distances in the woods will also find it quite handy, even in regular styled games. You can do a lot better for speedball at the same price, however, so if tournaments are your thing then give it a pass.

If you think it’s right for you, then give it a shot and you might be surprised at how much fun you end up having.

  • Reliability
  • Efficiency
  • Weight
  • Sound
  • Warranty