Valken LE Proton Review 2017

The Valken LE Proton is a solid midline electric gun that won’t break the bank. There are some features on it that’ll make it stand out from the pack, for good or for ill depending on the user.

If you’re looking at picking up a middle of the road electric marker, then read on and decide if the Proton is right for you.

Gregory, Author Paintimpact

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  • Extremely Lightweight
  • Accurate and High Rate of Fire
  • Recurve Trigger
  • 45 Grip
  • Fairly Stiff Trigger
  • Considerable Muzzle Rise
  • No Upgrades Available

The Marker Itself

Valken doesn’t have the high-profile recognition of many other brands like Planet Eclipse or Empire, but it does produce solid pieces. The most talked about marker they produce is the Proton.

The Proton is an electric paintball gun which will serve most players admirably, but it does possess a couple of unique features which players tend to either love or hate depending on their own personal style and preferences.

The Design

This marker is nearly all metal, except for a few features where metal offers a disadvantage. This lends it to a solid, durable design which can be knocked around a bit on the field. You won’t find yourself having to baby this gun anytime soon, which is a bonus for most players.

It’s easily programmed, but the board itself is nothing special. Check the manual and you’ll be in good hands for the most part.

The recurve style trigger is something that some players love and others hate. It’s unique curve lends itself to a specific type of pulling, and if you’re a fan of more standard shooting you might not care for it. In most people’s eyes, it’s definitely made up for by the 45 grip even if they don’t care for the trigger however.

It features a break beam prevents it from firing unless a paintball is fully in the chamber and makes chopping something that you’ll almost never have to worry about.

It’s also remarkably light. In fact, some players believe it’s too light, but that’s really up to the individual’s preference.

The Shot

It’s accurate, and will allow you to maintain a pretty good rate of fire overall. There’s a couple of things to be aware of if you decide to make it your primary arm however.

It’s loud, and it has a bit more recoil than most players like. If you like your guns “feel” to be loud and powerful though you’re not likely to be put off by all of that.

It’s remarkably efficient when it comes to air usage, however, and it will maintain a clean, consistent shot even over longer distances if you can stand the drawbacks.


Thanks to the anti-chopping beam you shouldn’t have to spend too much time cleaning fill out of your barrel with the Proton. This means that having to clean mid-game is unlikely.

The rest of it is pretty much bog standard. You’ll still want to break it down, lube up the parts, and all of that in between days in the field in order to maintain optimal performance. One definite plus, however, is that it’s easy to disassemble and take care of when something does happen.


There’s not much wrong with the Proton, as long as you like the trigger and aren’t expecting it not to have recoil. It’s easy to work with and maintain, and the sheer lack of weight in the frame makes it super easy to maneuver when you’re in the field.

It’s a strong contender for a good entry into tournament play, or just electric markers in general.

User Review Excerpts

“It’s a poor man’s Geo+. IT’s at a middling price point and shoots smoother than the Etha, it’s great. If you’re looking for a cheap back up or a budget gun, I urge you to consider the Proton.”

“First impressions of the Proton are great, The marker is super light, feels great in the hands, small but yet comfortable for a big person ( i’m 6 ft 245 lbs ) very thin overall and also short. Internal air routing.Feedneck is high quality, the trigger is about the best you will find on a stock marker especially for the price. Very smooth firing and the ASA is one of the easiest to use on the market.”

“Haven’t had any problems with it other than the stiff trigger and the buttons on the front grip are a bit easy to hit which can cause you to go from single to ramped quickly. There are ways to fix the trigger, so that can be fixed to make it an excellent gun through and through. The barrel isn’t that great either, but not bad by any means
In comparison though, you can get a Dangerous Power G5 for around the same price with a very walkable trigger, flip on off ASA, lube, longer barrel, inline reg, a better allen key set and the same level great looks and feedneck.”


Is this the best marker at this price point?
Is it suitable for tournament play?
Can the trigger be loosened?
Where can I get it?

Overall Verdict

The Valken LE Proton is a great gun if you like the trigger and look as well as not minding a little bit of noise and recoil. It’s not quite generic, and it’s definitely a contender for the best value for your money but many will find other markers to be more to their taste.

If you’re looking at an entry level tournament gun and don’t like the Proton, give the Project Eclipse Etha a good look over and see if it suits your tastes better. It can be a little bit harder to get your hands on, however.

If you like the trigger and look however, you’ll be in good hands with adding this one to your collection. Whether you’re planning on getting started in serious play or just want a backup gun, it’s a respectable choice.

  • Reliability
  • Efficiency
  • Weight
  • Sound
  • Warranty