So you’ve got your paintball gun and you’re ready to hit the playing field? Well, there are a few more things that you are going to need before you can get started. Many people who are new to the sport of paintball do not realize that there is much more to the sport than simply purchasing a gun. Just as important as your paintball gun is the gear you will wear while on the battlefield. Not only will this gear make you look super cool, but it will also help protect you from injuries. Today, we have put together a comprehensive guide that will help you learn more about what to wear and how to choose the best gear for your money. So if you are new to the game, you just might want to take some notes.

Compare: Top What To Wear Paintballing Gear of 2016

PictureType of ProtectionBrandPriceImportance of Wearing
Neck Protection
HK Army$$$4/5
Slide ShortsDye$$$3/5
Elbow PadsExalt$$3/5
Knee PadsExalt$$3/5
Pod Pack & Pod SwabsHK Army$$2/5
CleatsUnder Armour$$$3/5
GlovesHK Army$$4/5
Head WrapDye$2/5
Gear BagPlanet Eclipse$$$$2/5

What To Wear Paintballing


Paintball Masks


The first piece of protective paintball gear that you should purchase is a mask. Paintball masks help protect your face and eyes from injury and they allow you to see better by blocking the harmful rays of the sun. There are several different types of masks to choose from so let’s take a look at what’s on the market. We really like the HK Army KLR Mask.

  • Goggles: This is the most basic type of face protection. Goggles help protect the eyes and they were the first type of personal protection gear brought into the sport. Goggles do a great job of keeping your eyes safe but do nothing to protect the rest of your face. This is why you see very little players using them alone.
  • Mesh Paintball Masks: These masks add another level of protection for the player but goggles are still worn around the eyes. Mesh masks cover the lower half of the face and the ears. But the top part of the head is still exposed.
  • Full Paintball Masks: If you are looking for all-around then you are going to need to purchase a full paintball mask. Full masks will wrap around your entire face and keep you 100% free from paintball strikes. Build in lens that also help protect your eyes from dangerous UV light produced by the sun.

Qualities to Look for in a Mask

But before you run out and buy just any paintball mask, you will need to know what to look for. Below are some qualities that every mask should possess.

Fog resistance

Any mask that you choose needs to have a high level of fog resistance. Fogging up is a huge problem especially during humid days, so having a mask that has an anti-fog lens is very important.

Field of view

 Being able to see while wearing your mask is also important. Choose a mask with a good field of view so that you will be able to see the playing field and your opponents.

UV protection

Not only do you need a good field of view but you also want to choose a mask that has added UV protection built into the lenses.


When looking for a mask, you will want to choose one that is made from only durable materials. This will ensure that the mask won’t fail when you need it most.

One Quality Mask That We Recommend

DYE I4 Mask

The Dye i4 is by far one of the best around. This paintball mask will help protect your face and eyes from injury and the sun.  The Dye i4 will not break the bank and it will provide you with all the face protection you need. One of the best features of this paintball mask is the scream multi-directional venting system. This system will allow you to breathe easy and communicate with your teammates. Click here to see a Complete Buying Guide.

Neck Protection

Neck Protection

Many new players don’t realize the importance of proper neck protection. But if you have ever gotten hit in the neck by a paintball then you will quickly find out why you need it. Neck protectors wrap around your neck and not only absorb the shock of a paintball, but they help support your neck at the same time. Today, we are going to take a look at what qualities you will want to see in a neck protector, and at the end we are going to review one for you.

Top Qualities to look for in A Neck Protector

Before you go shopping for a neck protector, let’s take a look at some of the qualities that you need to look for.


When looking for a neck protector, try to find one that is comfortable to wear. Nothing will ruin your mood quicker than having to wear a neck protector that is pain to have one. Look for one that has lot of padding that fits well around your neck without choking you.

Universal design

A great way to find a neck protector that fits you well is to choose one that has a universal design.

Breathable materials

One of the most important qualities that any neck protector has to have is the materials it’s made from. Breathable materials will allow your skin to breath which will keep you cool while on the playing field.


Even though you want your neck protector to fit snuggly around your neck, you also want to be able to move with it. Choose a protector that has lots of flexibility so that you can easily move around the battlefield.


Weight is an issue with just about every piece of paintball gear you are going to wear. This holds true for neck protectors as well. So with that said, you will need to find one that is lightweight enough that you feel good wearing it.

Our Best Pick for Neck Protection

Exalt Neck Protection

The Exalt paintball neck protector is one of the most popular on the market today. This personal protection device is comfortable to wear and its one size fits all design is perfect for any player. Padded with lightweight and breathable materials, this neck protector will keep you safe without slowing you down. The Exalt neck protect is easy to clean and will make a great addition to your paintball gear collection!

Paintball Jerseys


One of the best investment you will make as a player is probably on a paintball jersey. Not only will it help you become more stylish, it will also protect your entire upper body from the blows of paintballs. Some players that new to the sport choose not to wear these protective jerseys and they quickly find out why they really do need them. Paintballs can really bruise your body and they hurt really bad especially if fired at close range. A paintball jersey will protect your upper body and allow you to take a hit and keep on going. But just like any gear you buy, there are some qualities you need to look for when shopping for a paintball jersey.

Top Qualities Every Paintball Jersey Should Have

Before you jump online and purchase a paintball jersey, you will need to know what to look for. There are a lot of jerseys out there but all of them are not the same. Below are some qualities that you will need to look for when purchasing a new paintball jersey.


Anything you are going to be wearing for long periods of time has to be comfortable. So when choosing a paintball jersey, one of the best qualities to always look for is comfort.

Air flow

Some paintball jersey in the past were known for being super-hot to wear. They simply lacked the venting needed to release body heat. This can really be uncomfortable and even dangerous if you get overheated. So make sure that any paintball jersey you buy has proper side vents. This will allow the heat to leave the body keeping you cool while you play.


When you have a heavy paintball jersey it means that you will have to lug it around on the playing field all day. This will become very tiring and if the weather is hot outside, you will really feel it. So choose a paintball jersey that is light enough to wear without slowing you down.


While you want your jersey to be comfortable to wear, you also want it to be strong. It is vital to choose a paintball jersey that is known for being durable. So choose one that is made from nylon and other strong materials. This will insure that your new jersey will stand up to the test of time. Paintball jerseys have to stand up to a lot of abuse and they get hit by the most paintballs so choose wisely when you go shopping.

Easy to clean

Let’s face it, you’re going to get messy when playing the sport of paintball. No matter how good you are, there will be times when you are going to take a lot of hits. So choosing a jersey that will be easy to clean is your best bet.

Two of the Best Paintball Jerseys On the Market

Empire Paintball Prevail F5 Jersey

Empire Jersey

This is simply one of the best paintball jerseys around! It has everything you need to stay protected on the playing field and it’s very appealing to the eye. This jersey comes in many different colors to match your mood and it has extra padding to keep you safe. Upper chest and collar padding comes standard with this jersey as well as integrated elbow padding. This will eliminate the need for additional elbow padding. One of the most comfortable jerseys, the Prevail F5 has a stylish v neck collar that looks great on anyone that wears it.

HK Army Hardline jersey

HK Army Jersey

Another wonderful paintball jersey, the HK Army Hardline has taken the world of paintball by storm. This very comfortable jersey comes in many different sizes to meet your needs. Ventilated, the jersey will keep you cool even during the warmest playing days. This jersey is made from only the finest materials and each one is hand sewn. Not many other paintball companies go to this many great lengths to insure quality but HK Army does.

Paintball Pants


Another part of your paintball wardrobe are paintball pants. Just like jerseys, these specialized pants will help keep you protected while on the playing field. Many people these days choose to wear them and the market for them has greatly increased over the years. These easy to wear pants will slide right on and if you choose the right ones, they will be super comfortable. But with any part of your gear, your paintball pants will have to pass a quality check list. We have put together several qualities that every set of paintball pants should have. Also, we have reviewed two different paintball pants that we feel are the best in the industry.

Top Qualities Every Paintball Pants Should Have


Being comfortable while on the battlefield is a huge deal. So choosing the right paintball pants is very important.


Make sure that your paintball pants has plenty of padding in all the right places. Getting hit in those sensitive areas can be painful if your pants lack the necessary padding.


Getting the hot air out is very important. Body heat can get trapped in those paintball pants that lacks proper ventilation. So choose ones with side vents in order to stay more comfortable while moving around.


Just like any gear you buy, you will want to choose a set of paintball pants that is made of durable materials. This will ensure that you can use your pants for many years to come without having to worry about replacing them due to tears or failed zippers.


Make sure to go with those paintball pants that are the lightest weight. No one likes to lug around a pair of heavy pants. So find some that only weighs a few pounds or less.

Easy to clean

You’re going to take a lot of hits on your pants and they are going to get dirty fast. So choose a pair of paintball pants that are easy to clean.

Two of the Best Paintball Pants Around

HK Army Hardline Pro pants

HK Army Pants

These wonderful paintball pants are very comfortable to wear and durable at the same time. Aero-mesh crotch and zipper leg ventilation will give you plenty of airflow and keep you cool during gameplay. People who purchased these pants in the past also love the removable hip pads and crotch padding.

Exalt Paintball Thrasher pants T3

Exalt Pants

Priced right, these paintball pants have a lot of features you will love. Vents are located around the entire pants will keep you cool while on the go. A pair of dual swab pockets comes standard with these pants which will allow you to carry your extra gear with ease. A set of Kevlar knee pads will help protect you while moving around on the battlefield.

Paintball Slide Shorts

Slide Shorts

When it’s simply too hot out to play in paintball pants the next best alternative is paintball shorts. These padded shorts cover the most important areas of the lower body and help protect them against the shock of a paintball strike. We have come up with a few qualities that we feel every set of paintball shorts should have and we will review a few different brands for you as well.

Top Qualities Every Set of Paintball Slide Shorts Should Have


All paintball shorts should be made from durable materials that will last you many years to come.


Paintball shorts should always be comfortable to wear while on the playing field.


Any paintball shorts that you choose should be vented so that heat is allowed out and proper airflow is getting in.

Easy to clean

Paintball shorts should be easy to clean after a day out on the playing field.

Two High Quality Paintball Shorts

Dye Performance Slide Shorts

DYE Sliding Shorts

These high quality paintball slide shorts have plenty of protection and ventilation. Easy to take on and off, these shorts can be quickly removed and are easy to clean.

Empire Paintball Neoskin Slider Shorts

Empire Sliding Shorts

Another fine pair of paintball slider shorts, these come with all the padding you need to keep you protected. Often called the most breathable on the market, these shorts will provide you with plenty of ventilation.

Paintball Elbow Pads

Elbow Pads

Another important part of your personal protection gear, paintball elbow pads will keep your elbows safe from bang ups. Design to take abuse so you don’t have to, these elbow pads will allow you to get down to business without having to worry about injury. Let’s look at a few qualities you might want to look for when buying these pads and we also include a few products that we think are the best in the market today.

Qualities to Look for in Paintball Elbow Pads


You want to choose a set of pads that will take the abuse without falling apart under pressure.


You need a set of pads that will be comfortable to wear without slowing you down.


Try to find a pair of paintball pads that are thick enough to absorb the shock of falling.

Three of The Best Paintball Elbow Pads

Dye Performance Elbow Pads

DYE Elbow Pads

These elbow pads where designed to take abuse. Made for high-quality materials and integrated cup shaped EVA foam pads, your arms and elbows will always be protected during gameplay.

Exalt Paintball Thrasher Elbow Pads

Exalt Elbow Pads

This set of paintball elbow pads are both stylish and super durable. Padded in all the right places, you will never have to worry about banging up your elbows while wearing them.

Empire Paintball Neoskin Elbow Pads

Empire Elbow Pads

Some of the most lightweight pads on the market, these come in at only half a pound. But just because they are light doesn’t mean that they don’t provided you with 100% protection.

Paintball Knee Pads

Knee Pads

Just like elbow pads you will need to get yourself a pair of paintball knee pads. These will protect you during falls and slides which are always a part of the game. Below are some qualities you should look for knee pads and a few products that we recommend.

Qualities to Look for in Paintball Knee Pads


You want to choose a pair of knee pads that will be able to take the wear and tear of gameplay and not let you down.


Make sure that any set of knee pads you buy is comfortable to wear. This will make your day on the playing field a much better one.


Always make sure that your paintball knee pads are thick enough to handle anything that you can dish out.

Two Knee Pads That We Recommend

Dye Precision Perform Paintball Knee Pads

DYE Knee Pads

These knee pads have plenty of padding but they are lightweight enough to make them comfortable to wear. The come with an adjustable strap that makes them easy to wear no matter your size.

Exalt Paintball FreeFlex Knee Pads

Exalt Knee Pads

One of the best knee pad sets on the market, these come with a thick molded pad which will always keep you safe. The Integrated memory foam knee cup conforms to your leg giving you ample protection.

Paintball Pod Pack

Pod Pack

Paintball pod packs are an important part of anyone’s list of gear. These pods hold your paintballs while you’re on the move and keep them safe from breakage. They also allow you to quickly reload your gun without issues. Today we are going to look at some qualities these pods should possess and a few paintball pod packs that we feel are the best as well.

Qualities to Look for in Paintball Pod Packs

  • Ease of use: You always want to choose a paintball pod pack that is easy to use while on the go.
  • Durability: Make sure to choose a pod pack that is made from the best materials so it will hold up over time.
  • Capacity: A paintball pod pack that holds the most paintball without weighing you down is your best bet.

Three of Our Favourite Paintball Pod Packs

Valken Paintball Pod Pack

Valken Pod Pack

This very durable pod pack will protect your paintballs while you are on the move. Designed with comfort in mind, this pod pack will easily fit you without worrying about it moving around while on the go.

Bunker Kings Paintball Pod Pack

Bunker Kings Pod Pack

Another great pod system, this one will hold plenty of paintballs but is still lightweight enough to carry around all day. You won’t have to worry about this pod holder slowing you down during intense gameplay.

HK Army Zero Paintball Pod Pack

HK Army Pod Pack

One of the best pod packs on the market, the HK Army Zero has plenty of room for your paintballs and it is very stylish at the same time. Built to last, this model is made of the finest materials.

Paintball Pod Swabs

Pod Swabs

Now that you have your pods, you will need a way to clean them out at the end of the day. A paintball pod swab will allow you clean your pods getting them ready for the next game. Today we will look at what goes into a quality paintball pod swab and we have reviewed a good one for you.

Qualities to Look for in A Paintball Pod Swab

  • Good materials: When looking for a paintball pod swab, make sure to choose one that has the best materials. Some cheaper swabs will only last for a few cleanings which is a total waste of money.
  • Length: A good pod swab will be long enough to reach down into even the deepest pod with ease.

This is One of the Best Paintball Pod Swabs Around

Exalt Paintball Pod Swabs

Exalt Pod Swab

This swab comes in a wide range of colors and will make cleaning out your pods a breeze. You will never have to worry about paint drying in the bottom of your pods again.

Paintball Cleats


Cleats are the perfect footwear for the game of paintball. Some people even use soccer cleats while playing paintball. These cleats will prevent you from falling and give you the right amount of traction. Below are some qualities every pair of paint ball cleats should have. Also, we have reviewed a few pair for you.

Qualities to Look for in Paintball Cleats

  • Durability: Each pair of paintball cleats should be strong enough to take daily playing abuse without failing. Good quality materials should always be used.
  • Lightweight: No one likes to carry heavy paintball cleats all day. So make sure to choose a pair that only weighs a few pounds.
  • Comfort: Just like any pair of shoes, paintball cleats should also be comfortable to wear.

Three Top of the Line Paintball Cleats

HK Army Shredder Paintball Cleats

HK Army Cleats

These paintball cleats will keep you from falling and keep you in style at the same time. Very attractive, these cleats have multiple areas of mesh ventilation to keep your feet comfortable.

Under Armour Paintball Cleats

Under Armour Cleats

A very stylish pair of paintball cleats, Under Armour has really out done themselves with these shoes. Designed to wrap around the foot, these cleats will be like a second skin.

Nike Hyper Venom

Nike Hypervenom Cleats

These cleats were designed for the soccer field but work just as well on the paintball field. Designed to reduce pressure on the feet, these cleats will flex with your foot and are very comfortable.

Paintball Gloves


It is very important that you protect your hands while playing paintball. Paintball gloves will not only protect your hands but they will allow you to hold onto things better. Today, we are going to compare the qualities any pair of paintball gloves should have and review two pairs that we feel are the best for your money.

Qualities Each Pair of Paintball Gloves Should Have

  • Durability: Just like all the gear in this guide, your paintball gloves should have great durability and be made from only the finest materials.
  • Wearable: One of the most important qualities that you should look for has to be ease of wear. If your gloves don’t fit you properly, things can really go wrong on the playing field.
  • Grip: Any paintball glove that you purchase should have a good grip. This will allow you to handle things such as your paintball gun with ease.

Two Really Fine Paintball Gloves

HK Army Pro Gloves

HK Army Gloves

These gloves have it all; good grip, comfort and flexibility. These gloves come with a silicone screen printed palm for grip making it easy to hold onto things.

Empire Paintball BT Sniper Gloves

Empire Gloves

A really wonderful pair of paintball gloves, Empire has put a lot of effort into making them. Very comfortable and lightweight, these gloves will wrap around your hands giving you plenty of control.

Paintball Head Wraps

Head Wraps

Keeping cool during a game of paintball is very important. Paintball head wraps are a great way to accomplish this goal and they also look very stylish. Worn under your mask, the wrap absorbs any sweat which helps in keeping you dry. Below are several qualities every head wrap should have and we have taken the time to review a few for you.

Qualities to Look for in A Paintball Head Wrap

  • Style: One has to look good while out on the field. Your head wrap reflects your own personal style so choose one that you like looking at.
  • Comfort: Choose a head wrap that is comfortable to wear and one that has breathable material.

Two High Quality Paintball Head Wraps

HK Army Head Wrap

HK Army Head Wrap

These comfortable head wraps come in just about every color in the rainbow and are a great way to keep your head dry while on the battlefield.

Dye Paintball Headband

DYE Head Wrap

This stylish head wrap also comes with a very comfortable headband. Designed to be worn with just about any mask on the market, this head wrap offers universal protection.

Paintball Beanie


When the weather outside turns cold nothing could be more comfortable than a paintball beanie. These stylish hats will allow you to advertise your favourite paintball product line while staying warm at the same time. Below are some qualities each paintball beanie should have and we also included a few that we feel are wonderful to wear.

Qualities of A Paintball Beanie

  • Comfort: Make sure the paintball beanie you choose is comfortable to wear. No one likes to wear a hat that is simply a pain to keep on their head.
  • Warmth: Keeping warm during the winter months is essential to your game. So choose a beanie that has plenty of warm materials.

Two of the Most Comfortable Paintball Beanies

HK Army Logo Paintball Beanie

HK Army Beanie

This very attractive paintball beanie will look great on and off the playing field. Designed with warmth in mind, this beanie will keep you comfortable while enjoying your favorite sport.

Exalt Paintball Beanie

Exalt Beanie

This easy to wear beanie will keep you warm even on the coldest days. Machine washable, this beanie is easy to clean and it won’t ravel like some other brands.

Paintball Gear Bags

Gear Bag

Now that you have all your gear, you are going to need a place to put it while not in use. Paintball gear bags are great for carrying all of your paintball related items while on the go. Today, we are going to take a look at several paintball bags and the qualities that every bag should possess.

Qualities Each Paintball Gear Bag Should Have


Each and every paintball bag that you purchase should be very durable and be able to last you for many years to come. Also, make sure that your new bag has been made from only the best materials.


When you are searching for a paintball gear bag, make sure to choose one that has lots of storage space. This will allow you to carry more gear and be able to protect your things while on the go.


Picking a paintball gear bag that is lightweight will mean that you can carry more gear without weighing you down.

Three Paintball Gear Bags You Can Trust

Planet Eclipse Stretch Gear Bag

Planet Eclipse Gear Bag

This paintball gear bag has something for everyone. Plenty of room for all your gear, this bag will stretch to fit even more of your gear. EVA protective lids helps keep your gear safe and this bag comes with wheels attached to the bottom to make travel much easier.

Dye The Register Gear Bag

Dye Gear Bag 2

Another wonderful paintball gear bag, this one is very durable and will last you a lifetime. 100% water resistant, you will never have to worry about your gear getting wet again. A telescopic handle makes travel a breeze with this bag.

DYE Precision Paintball Gear Bag

Dye Gear Bag

This is one of the best gear bags on the market and it holds a ton of gear! Designed to be lightweight, you can add many different types of gear without having to worry about the weight of the bag. One of the best for long distance travel, this bag is very popular with competition players.

Paintball Tank Covers

Tank Covers

A great way to protect your investment is by placing paintball tank covers on all of your tanks. This will help keep them from getting damage and will even add some style to your tanks. Below are some qualities you should look for when buying a tank cover. We also reviewed a very nice one for you to check out.

Qualities to Look for in A Paintball Tank Cover

  • Durability: Every tank cover that you buy needs to be very strong and durable enough to handle the paintball playing field environment.
  • Size: Make sure to choose a tank cover that fits the size of the tank you have at home.
  • Grip: Paintball tanks covers should offer plenty of grip. So make sure when you are buying one to check out the grip.

One of The Best Paintball Tank Covers On the Market

Exalt Tank Grips

Exalt Tank Cover

If you are looking for a better way to handle your paintball tanks during gameplay, this tank cover has you covered. Available in a wide range of colors, these flexible paintball covers are both attractive and easy to use. Made from durable materials, these tank covers won’t let you down.